The AR Action/Adventure list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Prisoner of Cell 25, The                       Evans, Richard Paul             3.5          YA FIC Evans

Red Pyramid, The                                 Collar, Orpheus                    3.6          741.5 Collar

Crookedstar’s Promise                        Hunter, Erin                          3.9          YA FIC Hunter

Dragon’s Eye, The                                Kingsley, Kaza                       3.9          YA FIC Kingsley

I am the Messenger                             Zusak, Markus                      3.9          YA FIC Zusak

Hunger                                                   Grant, Michael                     4.0          YA FIC Grant

Hunt for Jade Dragon                          Evans, Richard Paul             4.0          YA FIC Evans

Last Hope, The                                      Hunter, Erin                          4.0          YA FIC Hunter

Night Whispers                                     Hunter, Erin                          4.0          YA FIC Hunter

Rise of the Elgen                                  Evans, Richard Paul             4.0          YA FIC Evans

Battle of the Labyrinth, The               Riordan, Rick                        4.1          YA FIC Riordan

Colossus Rises, The                              Lerangis, Peter                     4.1          YA FIC Lerangis

Compound, The                                    Bodeen, S. A.                        4.1          YA FIC Bodeen

Enemy, The                                           Higson, Charlie                     4.1          YA FIC Higson

Dark City, The                                       Fisher, Catherine                 4.2          YA FIC Fisher

Margrave, The                                      Fisher, Catherine                 4.2          YA FIC Fisher

Thunder and Shadow                          Hunter, Erin                          4.2          YA FIC Hunter

Gone                                                       Grant, Michael                     4.3          YA FIC Grant

Last Olympian, The                              Riordan, Rick                        4.3          YA FIC Riordan

Pilgrims of Rayne, The                        MacHale, D. J.                       4.3          YA FIC MacHale

Death Weavers                                     Mull, Brandon                      4.4          YA FIC Mull

Fading Echoes                                       Hunter, Erin                          4.4          YA FIC Hunter

I Am Number Four                               Lore, Pittacus                        4.4          YA FIC Lore

Knife of Never Letting Go, The          Ness, Patrick                         4.4          YA FIC Ness

Monsters of Otherness, The               Kingsley, Kaza                       4.4          YA FIC Kingsley

Never War, The                                    MacHale, D. J.                       4.4          YA FIC MacHale

Prey                                                        Crichton, Michael                4.4          FIC Crichton

Raven Rise                                             MacHale, D. J.                       4.4          YA FIC MacHale

Sacrifice, The                                         Higson, Charlie                     4.4          YA FIC Higson

School’s Out—Forever                         Patterson, James                  4.4          YA FIC Patterson

Soldiers of Halla, The                          MacHale, D. J.                       4.4          YA FIC MacHale

Storm of Lightning                               Evans, Richard Paul             4.4          YA FIC Evans

Tomb of Shadows, The                        Lerangis, Peter                     4.4          YA FIC Lerangis

Arcade Catastrophe                             Mull, Brandon                      4.5          YA FIC Mull

Bluestar’s Prophecy                             Hunter, Erin                          4.5          YA FIC Hunter

Dead, The                                              Higson, Charlie                     4.5          YA FIC Higson

Lost Hero, The                                      Riordan, Rick                        4.5          YA FIC Riordan

Moth Flight’s Vision                            Hunter, Erin                          4.5          YA FIC Hunter

Reality Bug, The                                   MacHale, D. J.                       4.5          YA FIC MacHale

Rivers of Zadaa, The                            MacHale, D. J.                       4.5          YA FIC MacHale

5th Wave, The                                       Yancey, Rick                          4.6          YA FIC Yancey

Dangerous Days of Daniel X, The      Patterson, James                  4.6          YA FIC Patterson

Fang                                                       Patterson, James                  4.6          YA FIC Patterson

January                                                  Lord, Gabrielle                     4.6          YA FIC Lord

Long Way Home, The                          Klavan, Andrew                    4.6          YA FIC Klavan

Maximum Ride: The Angel…              Patterson, James                  4.6          YA FIC Patterson

Reached                                                 Condie, Ally                           4.6          YA FIC Condie

Sea of Monsters, The                          Riordan, Rick                        4.6          YA FIC Riordan

Air Keep                                                 Savage, J. Scott                     4.7          YA FIC Savage

Death Run                                             Higgins, Jack                         4.7          YA FIC Higgins

First Family                                            Baldacci, David                     4.7          FIC Baldacci

Hunted, The                                          Higson, Charlie                     4.7          YA FIC Higson

Kindling, The                                         Bell, Braden                          4.7          YA FIC Bell

Last Thing I Remember, The              Klavan, Andrew                    47           YA FIC Klavan

Life as We Knew It                               Pfeffer, Susan Beth              4.7          YA FIC Pfeffer

Lightning Thief, The                             Riordan, Rick                        4.7          YA FIC Riordan

Quillan Games, The                             MacHale, D. J.                       4.7          YA FIC MacHale

Snow Bound                                          Mazer, Harry                        4.7          YA FIC Mazer pbk

Divine Justice                                        Baldacci, David                     4.8          FIC Baldacci

Fablehaven                                           Mull, Brandon                      4.8          YA FIC Mull

Going Wild                                            McMann, Lisa                       4.8          JUV FIC McMann

House of Hades, The                           Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Jumper                                                   Gould, Steven                       4.8          YA FIC Gould pbk

Legend                                                   Lu, Marie                               4.8          YA FIC Lu

Mark of Athena, The                           Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Matched                                                Condie, Ally                           4.8          YA FIC Condie

Rise of Nine, The                                  Lore, Pittacus                        4.8          YA FIC Lore

Running Out of Time                           Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4.8         YA FIC Haddix

Saving the World and Other…          Patterson, James                4.8       YA FIC Patterson pbk

Serpent’s Shadow, The                        Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Squire’s Tale, The                                 Morris, Gerald                      4.8          YA FIC Morris pbk

Stealing Snow                                       Paige, Danielle                     4.8          YA FIC Paige

Supernaturalist, The                            Colfer, Eoin                           4.8          YA FIC Colfer

Sword of Summer, The                        Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Thief Lord, The                                      Funke, Cornelia                    4.8          YA FIC Funke

Among the Betrayed                           Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4.9         YA FIC Haddix

Among the Impostors                          Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4.9         YA FIC Haddix

Dragon Rider                                         Funke, Cornelia                    4.9          YA FIC Funke

Fall of Five, The                                    Lore, Pittacus                        4.9          YA FIC Lore

Fire Keep                                                Savage, J. Scott                     4.9          YA FIC Savage

Lost City of Faar, The                           MacHale, D. J.                       4.9          YA FIC MacHale

Prisoner B-3087                                   Gratz, Alan                            4.9          YA FIC Gratz

Arctic Incident, The                              Colfer, Eoin                           5.0          YA FIC Colfer

Artemis Fowl                                         Colfer, Eoin                           5.0          YA FIC Colfer

Ashfall                                                    Mullin, Mike                         5.0          YA FIC Mullin

Final Warning, The                              Patterson, James                  5.0          YA FIC Patterson

Hunted, The                                          de la Peña, Matt                   5.0          YA FIC de la Peña

Kiss, The                                                 Patterson, James                  5.0          YA FIC Patterson

Lord of the Flies                                    Golding, William                   5.0          FIC Golding

Lost World, The                                    Crichton, Michael                5.0          FIC Crichton

Merchant of Death, The                     MacHale, D. J.                       5.0          YA FIC MacHale

Peak                                                       Smith, Roland                       5.0          YA FIC Smith

Rise of the Evening Star                      Mull, Brandon                      5.0          YA FIC Mull

Scorch Trials, The                                 Dashner, James                    5.0          YA FIC Dashner

Sent                                                        Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.0         YA FIC Haddix

Steelheart                                              Sanderson, Brandon            5.0          YA FIC Sanderson

Unwind                                                 Shusterman, Neal                5.0          YA FIC Shusterman

Weasel                                                   DeFelice, Cynthia                 5.0          YA FIC DeFelice

Wizard Heir, The                                  Chima, Cinda Williams        5.0          YA FIC Chima

Dawn                                                      Hunter, Erin                          5.1          YA FIC Hunter

False Prince, The                                  Nielson, Jennifer A.             5.1          YA FIC Nielson

Firefight                                                 Sanderson, Brandon            5.1          YA FIC Sanderson

Girl Named Disaster, A                       Farmer, Nancy                      5.1          YA FIC Farmer

Hammer of Thor, The                          Riordan, Rick                        5.1          YA FIC Riordan

Hidden Oracle, The                              Riordan, Rick                        5.1          YA FIC Riordan

Land Keep                                              Savage, J. Scott                     5.1          YA FIC Savage

Lionclaw                                                Springer, Nancy                    5.1          YA FIC Springer

Lost Years, The                                     Barron, T. A.                          5.1          YA FIC Barron

Mossflower                                            Jacques, Brian                      5.1          YA FIC Jacques

Nevermore                                             Patterson, James                  5.1          YA FIC Patterson

Paladin Prophecy, The                        Frost, Mark                           5.1          YA FIC Frost

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary      Mull, Brandon                      5.1          YA FIC Mull

Blood of Olympus, The                        Riordan, Rick                        5.2          YA FIC Riordan

Calamity                                                Sanderson, Brandon            5.2          YA FIC Sanderson

Forgotten Warrior, The                       Hunter, Erin                          5.2          YA FIC Hunter

Keys to the Demon Prison                  Mull, Brandon                      5.2          YA FIC Mull

Outlaw Princess of Sherwood            Springer, Nancy                    5.2          YA FIC Springer

Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of…          Springer, Nancy                    5.2          YA FIC Springer

Sign of the Moon                                 Hunter, Erin                          5.2          YA FIC Hunter

Timeline                                                 Crichton, Michael                5.2          FIC Crichton

When the Legends Die                        Borland, Hal                          5.2          FIC Borland

Beggar Queen, The                              Alexander, Lloyd                  5.3          YA FIC Alexander

Book of Three, The                               Alexander, Lloyd                  5.3          YA FIC Alexander

Catching Fire                                         Collins, Suzanne                   5.3          YA FIC Collins

Death Cure, The                                   Dashner, James                    5.3          YA FIC Dashner

Fate of Ten, The                                   Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC Lore

Fever Code, The                                    Dashner, James                    5.3          YA FIC Dashner

Graceling                                               Cashore, Kristin                    5.3          YA FIC Cashore

Hunger Games                                      Collins, Suzanne                   5.3          YA FIC Collins

Leviathan                                              Westerfeld, Scott                 5.3          YA FIC Westerfeld

Maze Runner, The                                Dashner, James                    5.3          YA FIC Dashner

Mockingjay                                           Collins, Suzanne                   5.3          YA FIC Collins

Neverseen                                              Messenger, Shannon          5.3          YA FIC Messenger

Power of Six, The                                  Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC Lore

Shadowfell                                            Marillier, Juliet                     5.3          YA FIC Marillier

Theodore Boone: The Scandal           Grisham, John                      5.3          YA FIC Grisham

True Confessions of Charlotte…         Avi                                          5.3          YA FIC Avi

United as One                                       Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC Lore

Warrior Heir, The                                 Chima, Cinda Williams        5.3          YA FIC Chima

Yellowfang’s Secret                              Hunter, Erin                          5.3          YA FIC Hunter

Avalon                                                   Arnett, Mindee                    5.4          YA FIC Arnett

Behemoth                                              Westerfeld, Scott                 5.4          YA FIC Westerfeld

Castle of Llyr, The                                 Alexander, Lloyd                  5.4          YA FIC Alexander

Fire and Ice                                            Hunter, Erin                          5.4          YA FIC Hunter

Flamecaster                                           Chima, Cinda Williams        5.4          YA FIC Chima

Fourth Apprentice, The                       Hunter, Erin                          5.4          YA FIC Hunter

Game of Lives, The                              Dashner, James                    5.4          YA FIC Dashner

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping  Clark, Mary Higgins              5.4          FIC Clark

Inkdeath                                                Funke, Cornelia                    5.4          YA FIC Funke

Inkheart                                                 Funke, Cornelia                    5.4          YA FIC Funke

Island of the Blue Dolphins                 O’Dell, Scott                          5.4          YA FIC O’Dell

Quest Begins, The                                Hunter, Erin                          5.4          YA FIC Hunter

Sun Trail, The                                        Hunter, Erin                          5.4          YA FIC Hunter

Dead of the Night, The                        Marsden, John                     5.5          YA FIC Marsden

Ender’s Game                                       Card, Orson Scott                 5.5          YA FIC Card

Eye of Minds, The                                Dashner, James                    5.5          YA FIC Dashner

Exile                                                        Messenger, Shannon          5.5          YA FIC Messenger

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s…      Rowling, J. K.                         5.5          YA FIC Rowling

Outpost                                                  Aguirre, Ann                         5.5          YA FIC Aguirre

River, The                                              Paulsen, Gary                       5.5          YA FIC Paulsen

Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of…    Hunter, Erin                          5.5          YA FIC Hunter

Angels & Demons                                 Brown, Dan                           5.6          FIC Brown

Daniel X: Armageddon                       Patterson, James                  5.6          YA FIC Patterson

Deception                                              Redwine, C. J.                       5.6          YA FIC Redwine

Eragon                                                   Paolini, Christopher            5.6          YA FIC Paolini

Everlost                                                 Shusterman, Neal                5.6          YA FIC Shusterman

Hunters, The                                         Flanagan, John                     5.6          YA FIC Flanagan

Into the Wild                                         Hunter, Erin                          5.6          YA FIC Hunter

Maximum Ride Forever                       Patterson, James                  5.6          YA FIC Patterson

Polaris                                                    Arnett, Mindee                    5.6          YA FIC Arnett

Testing, The                                        Charbonneau, Joelle           5.6         YA FIC Charbonneau

Treasure Island (Abridged)                Stevenson, Robert Louis    5.6          YA FIC Stevenson

Wizard at Large                                   Brooks, Terry                        5.6          YA FIC Brooks pbk

Bellmaker, The                                     Jacques, Brian                      5.7          YA FIC Jacques

Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse     Nation, Kaleb                        5.7          YA FIC Nation

Champion                                              Lu, Marie                               5.7          YA FIC Lu

Daniel X: Lights Out                             Patterson, James                  5.7          YA FIC Patterson

Hatchet                                                  Paulsen, Gary                       5.7          YA FIC Paulsen

Invaders, The                                        Flanagan, John                     5.7          YA FIC Flanagan

Iron Queen, The                                    Kagawa, Julie                        5.7          YA FIC Kagawa

Island, The                                             Paulsen, Gary                       5.7          YA FIC Paulsen

Kill Order, The                                       Dashner, James                    5.7          YA FIC Dashner

King of Attolia, The                              Turner, Megan Whalen      5.7          YA FIC Turner

Life of Pi                                                 Martel, Yan                           5.7          YA FIC     Martel

Mariel of Redwall                                 Jacques, Brian                      5.7          YA FIC Jacques

Revenge of Seven, The                        Lore, Pittacus                        5.7          YA FIC Lore

Salamandastron                                   Jacques, Brian                      5.7          YA FIC Jacques

Stravaganza: City of Ships                  Hoffman, Mary                     5.7          YA FIC Hoffman

UnSouled                                               Shusterman, Neal                5.7          YA FIC Shusterman

Black Stallion’s Courage                     Farley, Walter                       5.8          YA FIC Farley

Black Stallion’s Filly                             Farley, Walter                       5.8          YA FIC Farley

Forest of Secrets                                   Hunter, Erin                          5.8          YA FIC Hunter

Gypsy Morph, The                                Brooks, Terry                        5.8          FIC Brooks

Halt’s Peril                                             Flanagan, John                     5.8          YA FIC Flanagan

Horn of Moran, The                             Forman, M. L.                       5.8          YA FIC Forman

Moonrise                                               Hunter, Erin                          5.8          YA FIC Hunter

Princess Bride, The                               Goldman, William            5.8        YA FIC Goldman pbk

Robinson Crusoe (abridged)              Defoe, Daniel                        5.8          FIC Defoe

Running with the Demon                    Brooks, Terry                        5.8          FIC Brooks

SandRider                                              Sage, Angie                           5.8          YA FIC Sage

UnWholly                                              Shusterman, Neal                5.8          YA FIC Shusterman

Brian’s Winter                                       Paulsen, Gary                       5.9          YA FIC Paulsen

Dangerous Path, A                              Hunter, Erin                          5.9          YA FIC Hunter

Ender’s Shadow                                   Card, Orson Scott                 5.9          YA FIC Card

Everwild                                                Shusterman, Neal                5.9          YA FIC Shusterman

Horde                                                     Aguirre, Ann                         5.9          YA FIC Aguirre

Island of the Aunts                              Ibbotson, Eva                        5.9          JUV FIC Ibbotson

Johnny Tremain                                    Forbes, Esther                      5.9          YA FIC Forbes

Little Brother                                         Doctorow, Cory                    5.9          YA FIC Doctorow

Royal Ranger, The                                Flanagan, John                     5.9          YA FIC Flanagan

Black Stallion and the Girl, The      Farley, Walter                         6.0            YA FIC Farley

Deathwatch                                           White, Robb                          6.0          YA FIC White

Dragongirl                                             McCaffrey, Todd                  6.0          YA FIC McCaffrey

Elves of Cintra, The                              Brooks, Terry                        6.0          FIC Brooks

Ender in Exile                                        Card, Orson Scott                 6.0          YA FIC Card pbk

Eulalia!                                                Jacques, Brian                         6.0             YA FIC Jacques

Fantastic Voyage                                 Asimov, Isaac                        6.0          FIC Asimov

Fire Bringer                                            Clement-Davies, David       6.0          YA FIC Clement

Hunting of the Last Dragon, The       Jordan, Sherryl                     6.0          YA FIC Jordan

Iron Knight, The                                    Kagawa, Julie                        6.0          YA FIC Kagawa

Journal of Curious Letters, The          Dashner, James                    6.0          YA FIC Dashner

Long Patrol, The                              Jacques, Brian                         6.0          YA FIC Jacques pbk

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold!        Brooks, Terry                        6.0         YA FIC Brooks pbk

Midnight                                                Hunter, Erin                          6.0          YA FIC Hunter

Montmorency and the Assassins      Updale, Eleanor                   6.0          YA FIC Updale

Night Probe!                                         Cussler, Clive                        6.0          FIC Cussler pbk

Rage of the Fallen                                Delaney, Joseph                   6.0          YA FIC Delaney

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Lost…       Flanagan, John                     6.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Thief, The                                            Turner, Megan Whalen           6.0            YA FIC Turner

Without Remorse                                 Clancy, Tom                          6.0          FIC Clancy

Wrecker, The                                        Cussler, Clive                        6.0          FIC Cussler

Alas, Babylon                                        Frank, Pat                              6.1          FIC Frank

Assassin’s Blade, The                       Maas, Sarah J.                         6.1           YA FIC Maas

Bearers of the Black Staff                   Brooks, Terry                        6.1          FIC Brooks

Black Stallion Returns, The                 Farley, Walter                       6.1          YA FIC Farley

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy       Carter, Ally                         6.1            YA FIC Carter

Deep Wizardry                                      Duane, Diane                        6.1          YA FIC Duane

Erak’s Ransom                                      Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Grimalkin the Witch Assassin         Delaney, Joseph                      6.1           YA FIC Delaney

Heir to the Empire                                Zahn, Timothy                       6.1          SCI FIC Zahn SW

High King, The                               Alexander, Lloyd                     6.1        YA FIC Alexander pbk

Player’s Ruse                                       Bell, Hilari                               6.1            YA FIC Bell

Kings of Clonmel, The                          Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Knight of the Word, A                         Brooks, Terry                        6.1          FIC Brooks

Last Knight, The                                   Bell, Hilari                              6.1          YA FIC Bell

Magician, The                                       Scott, Michael                      6.1          YA FIC Scott

Memory of Earth, The                         Card, Orson Scott                 6.1          YA FIC Card pbk

Midnight Predator                               Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia    6.1         YA FIC Atwater pbk

Motherless Brooklyn                           Lethem, Jonathan                6.1          FIC Lethem

Mysterious Benedict Society and…   Stewart, Trenton Lee          6.1          YA FIC Stewart

Night of the Werewolf                        Dixon, Franklin W.               6.1       JUV FIC Hardy Boys

Pearls of Lutra                                Jacques, Brian                         6.1           YA FIC Jacques pbk

Princess of Landover, A                      Brooks, Terry                        6.1          YA FIC Brooks pbk

Restaurant at the End of the…          Adams, Douglas                    6.1          YA FIC Adams

Rising Storm                                          Hunter, Erin                          6.1          YA FIC Hunter

Scorpion Shards                             Shusterman, Neal                 6.1     YA FIC Shusterman pbk

Shadow Puppets                                  Card, Orson Scott                 6.1          YA FIC Card

Shadowcry                                       Burtenshaw, Jenna                 6.1           YA FIC Burtenshaw

Sight, The                                      Clement-Davies, David           6.1         YA FIC Clement-Davie

Son of the Black Stallion                     Farley, Walter                       6.1          YA FIC Farley

Sorcerer of the North, The                  Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Sorceress, The                                       Scott, Michael                      6.1          YA FIC Scott

Speaker for the Dead                          Card, Orson Scott                 6.1          YA FIC Card

Tangle Box, The                                    Brooks, Terry                        6.1          FIC Brooks

Wipeout                                                 Dixon, Franklin W.               6.1       JUV FIC Hardy Boys

Wishsong of Shannara, The               Brooks, Terry                        6.1          YA/FIC Brooks

Beyond the Valley of Thorns              Carman, Patrick                 6.2    JUV FIC Land of Elyon

Blackwing Puzzle, The                         Dixon, Franklin W.               6.2     JUV FIC Hardy Boys

Blue Gold                                               Cussler, Clive                        6.2          FIC Cussler

Children of the Mind                           Card, Orson Scott                 6.2          YA FIC Card

Crater                                                     Hickam, Homer                    6.2          YA FIC Hickam

Dinotopia Lost                                      Foster, Alan Dean                6.2          YA FIC Foster

Earthfall                                                Card, Orson Scott                    6.2           YA FIC Card

Emperor of Nihon-Ja, The                   Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Empire of Storms                                  Maas, Sarah J.                       6.2          YA FIC Maas

Hidden Empire                                      Card, Orson Scott                 6.2          FIC Card

Miserable Mill, The                              Snicket, Lemony                6.2    JUV FIC Series of Unfo

Polar Shift                                              Cussler, Clive                        6.2          FIC Cussler

Rivers of Fire                                         Carman, Patrick                   6.2          YA FIC Carman

Siege of Macindaw, The                     Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Spell for Chameleon, A                       Anthony, Piers                     6.2          YA FIC Anthony

Subtle Knife, The                                  Pullman, Philip                     6.2          YA FIC Pullman

Sum of All Fears, The                           Clancy, Tom                          6.2          FIC Clancy

White Mountains, The                        Christopher, John                6.2         YA FIC Christopher

Armageddon’s Children                      Brooks, Terry                        6.3          FIC Brooks

Battle of Hackham Heath, The          Flanagan, John                     6.3          YA FIC Flanagan

Blood Red Horse                                   Grant, K. M.                          6.3          YA FIC Grant

Burning Bridge, The                             Flanagan, John                     6.3          YA FIC Flanagan

Dark Force Rising                                 Zahn, Timothy                       6.3          SCI FIC Zahn SW

Darkest Hour, The                                Hunter, Erin                          6.3          YA FIC Hunter

Deep Six                                                 Cussler, Clive                        6.3          FIC Cussler

Dragon Avenger                            Knight, E. E.                             6.3                YA FIC Knight

Elske                                                  Voigt, Cynthia                         6.3                YA FIC Voigt

Epic                                                         Kostick, Conor                      6.3          YA FIC Kostick

Fall of Reach, The                                 Nylund, Eric                          6.3        YA FIC Nylund pbk

Hunt for Red October, The                 Clancy, Tom                          6.3          FIC Clancy

Last of the Breed                                  L’Amour, Louis                     6.3          FIC L’Amour

Lost City, The                                        Cussler, Clive                        6.3          FIC Cussler

Naming, The                                         Croggon, Alison                    6.3          YA FIC Croggon

Nick of Time                                          Bell, Ted                                 6.3          YA FIC Bell

Outcast of Redwall                          Jacques, Brian                         6.3            YA FIC Jacques

Shadow of the Hegemon                    Card, Orson Scott                 6.3          YA FIC Card

Silvertongue                                        Fletcher, Charlie                     6.3             YA FIC Fletcher

Time Travelers, The                             Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.3          YA FIC Buckley

Tomorrow, When the War Began    Marsden, John                     6.3       YA FIC Marsden pbk

UnDivided                                            Shusterman, Neal                6.3          YA FIC Shusterman

White Death                                         Cussler, Clive                        6.3          FIC Cussler

Xenocide                                                Card, Orson Scott                 6.3          YA FIC Card pbk

Angel Fire East                                      Brooks, Terry                        6.4          FIC Brooks

Da Vinci Code                                       Brown, Dan                           6.4          FIC Brown

Earthborn                                            Card, Orson Scott                    6.4        YA FIC Card

Elfstones of Shannara, The                Brooks, Terry                        6.4          YA/FIC Brooks

Everfound                                             Shusterman, Neal                6.4          YA FIC Shusterman

Hong Kong                                            Coonts, Stephen                  6.4          FIC Coonts

Hunter                                              Lackey, Mercedes                   6.4              YA FIC Lackey

Iceberg Hermit, The                             Roth, Arthur                         6.4          YA FIC Roth

Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern              McCaffrey, Anne                  6.4          YA FIC McCaffrey

Queen of the Empire                            Davids, Paul                          6.4          JUV FIC Star Wars

Red Rabbit                                            Clancy, Tom                          6.4          FIC Clancy

Sacred Stone                                         Cussler, Clive                        6.4          FIC Cussler

Serpent                                                   Cussler, Clive                        6.4          FIC Cussler

Shade’s Children                                  Nix, Garth                              6.4          YA FIC Nix pbk

Teeth of the Tiger                                 Clancy, Tom                          6.4          FIC Clancy

Theodore Boone: The Activist       Grisham, John                         6.4         YA FIC Grisham

City of Gold and Lead, The               Christopher, John                6.5          YA FIC Christopher

Clear and Present Danger                  Clancy, Tom                          6.5          FIC Clancy

Deception Point                                   Brown, Dan                           6.5          FIC Brown pbk

Druid of Shannara, The                       Brooks, Terry                        6.5          YA/FIC Brooks

Freefall                                                   Gordon, Roderick                6.5          YA FIC Gordon

Game Over                                            Patterson, James                  6.5          YA FIC Patterson

Haunted Mesa, The                             L’Amour, Louis                     6.5          FIC L’Amour

How to Be a Pirate                             Cowell, Cressida                  6.5      JUV FIC How to Train

Mission from Mount Yoda                 Davids, Paul                          6.5          JUV FIC Star Wars

Morgawr                                                Brooks, Terry                        6.5          FIC Brooks

Red Storm Rising                                  Clancy, Tom                          6.5          FIC Clancy

Slither                                              Delaney, Joseph                      6.5             YA FIC Delaney

Sacrifice, The                                         Matcheck, Diane                  6.5          YA FIC Matcheck

Tin Princess, The                                  Pullman, Philip                    6.5        YA FIC Pullman pbk

Andromeda Strain, The                       Crichton, Michael                6.6          FIC Crichton

Black Stallion’s Ghost, The             Farley, Walter                         6.6          YA FIC Farley

Call of Earth, The                                 Card, Orson Scott                 6.6          YA FIC Card pbk

Case of the Missing Marquess           Springer, Nancy                    6.6          YA FIC Springer

Closer                                                     Gordon, Roderick                6.6          YA FIC Gordon

Conspiracy of Kings, A                        Turner, Megan Whalen      6.6          YA FIC Turner

Daniel X: Watch the Skies                   Patterson, James                  6.6          YA FIC Patterson

Down the Mysterly River                 Willingham, Bill                    6.6          YA FIC Willingham

Ghosts of Onyx                                     Nylund, Eric                          6.6          YA FIC Nylund

Hangman’s Revolution, The           Colfer, Eoin                           6.6            YA FIC Colfer

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy      Adams, Douglas                    6.6          YA FIC Adams

Hobbit, The                                           Tolkien, J. R. R.                     6.6          YA FIC Tolkien

Ironhand                                           Fletcher, Charlie                     6.6             YA FIC Fletcher

Jarka Ruus                                             Brooks, Terry                        6.6          FIC Brooks

Last Guardian, The                            Colfer, Eoin                             6.6            YA FIC Colfer

Lost in the Barrens                          Mowat, Farley                         6.6            YA FIC Mowat pbk

Ogre, Ogre                                            Anthony, Piers                     6.6          YA FIC Anthony

Prophets of the Dark Side                  Davids, Paul                          6.6          JUV FIC Star Wars

Scions of Shannara, The                     Brooks, Terry                        6.6          YA/FIC Brooks

Shaman’s Crossing                             Hobb, Robin                            6.6             YA FIC Hobb

Talismans of Shannara, The               Brooks, Terry                        6.6          FIC Brooks

Total Control                                         Baldacci, David                     6.6          FIC Baldacci pbk

Battle for Skandia, The                       Flanagan, John                     6.7          YA FIC Flanagan

Dragonsinger                                        McCaffrey, Anne                  6.7          YA FIC McCaffrey

First Strike                                              Nylund, Eric                        6.7          YA FIC Nylund pbk

Ghostfire                                                Golden, Christopher           6.7          YA FIC Golden

Glove of Darth Vader, The                  Davids, Paul                         6.7          JUV FIC Star Wars

Harry Potter and the Chamber of…  Rowling, J. K.                         6.7          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of…   Rowling, J. K.                         6.7          YA FIC Rowling

Homeland                                          Doctorow, Cory                       6.7              YA FIC Doctorow

Lost Symbol, The                                  Brown, Dan                           6.7          FIC Brown

Queen of Attolia, The                          Turner, Megan Whalen      6.7          YA FIC Turner

Rainbow Six                                          Clancy, Tom                          6.7          FIC Clancy

Raise the Titanic!                                 Cussler, Clive                        6.7          FIC Cussler pbk

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phant…     Brooks, Terry                      6.7          SCI FIC Brooks SW

Sword and the Circle, The                   Sutcliff, Rosemary                6.7          YA FIC Sutcliff

Tanequil                                                 Brooks, Terry                        6.7          FIC Brooks

After the First Death                            Cormier, Robert                   6.8          YA FIC Cormier

Blue Sword, The                                   McKinley, Robin                   6.8          YA FIC McKinley

Deeper                                                    Gordon, Roderick                6.8          YA FIC Gordon

Dragonsong                                          McCaffrey, Anne                  6.8          YA FIC McCaffrey

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  Rowling, J. K.                        6.8          YA FIC Rowling

Icebound Land, The                             Flanagan, John                     6.8          YA FIC Flanagan

Rogue Planet                                        Bear, Greg                             6.8          SCI FIC Bear SW

Silent Sea, The                                      Cussler, Clive                        6.8          FIC Cussler

Time and Again                                    Finney, Jack                           6.8          FIC Finney

Time Thief, The                                     Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.8          YA FIC Buckley

Centaur Aisle                                        Anthony, Piers                     6.9          YA FIC Anthony

Dragonquest                                    McCaffrey, Anne                  6.9          YA FIC McCaffrey pbk

First King of Shannara                        Brooks, Terry                        6.9          YA/FIC Brooks

Harry Potter and the Deathly…         Rowling, J. K.                         6.9          YA FIC Rowling

Pastwatch: The Redemption of…      Card, Orson Scott                 6.9          YA FIC Card

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Adams, Douglas                 6.9          YA FIC Adams pbk

Vixen 03                                                Cussler, Clive                        6.9          FIC Cussler pbk

Antrax                                                    Brooks, Terry                        7.0          FIC Brooks

Dragonseye                                           McCaffrey, Anne                  7.0          YA FIC McCaffrey

Eldest                                                      Paolini, Christopher            7.0          YA FIC Paolini

Pool of Fire, The                                  Christopher, John                7.0          YA FIC Christopher

Ruins of Gorlan, The                            Flanagan, John                     7.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Tunnels                                                  Gordon, Roderick                7.0          YA FIC Gordon

Un-Magician, The                             Golden, Christopher               7.0           YA FIC Golden

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl              McCaffrey, Anne                  7.1         YA FIC McCaffrey pbk

Archer’s Tale, The                               Cornwell, Bernard               7.1          FIC Cornwell

Crow, The                                              Croggon, Alison                    7.1          YA FIC Croggon

Dragon                                                   Cussler, Clive                        7.1          FIC Cussler

Follow the River                                    Thom, James Alexander     7.1          FIC Thom

Forever Odd                                          Koontz, Dean                        7.1          FIC Koontz pbk

Ilse Witch                                               Brooks, Terry                        7.1          FIC Brooks

Keys to the Repository                   De la Cruz, Melissa                 7.1           YA FIC De la Cruz

Lirael                                                    Nix, Garth                                7.1                   YA FIC Nix

Snow White and Rose Red              Wrede, Patricia C.                   7.1           YA FIC Wrede

Star Wars: Dark Lord: The Rise of…  Luceno, James                7.1          SCI FIC Luceno SW

Vagabond                                             Cornwell, Bernard               7.1          FIC Bernard

Wurm War                                     Golden, Christopher               7.1             YA FIC Golden

Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn                 Anthony, Piers                     7.2          YA FIC Anthony

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood…    Rowling, J. K.                        7.2          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the… Rowling, J. K.                        7.2          YA FIC Rowling

Iceberg                                                   Cussler, Clive                        7.2          FIC Cussler pbk

Inca Gold                                               Cussler, Clive                        7.2          FIC Cussler

Inferno                                                   Brown, Dan                           7.2          FIC Brown

Plague Ship                                           Cussler, Clive                        7.2          FIC Cussler

Shattered                                               Francis, Dick                          7.2          FIC Francis

Jurassic Park                                      Crichton, Michael                7.3          FIC Crichton

Nimisha’s Ship                                   McCaffrey, Anne                  7.3        YA FIC McCaffrey pbk

Sabriel                                                Nix, Garth                                7.3                   YA FIC Nix

Sahara                                                   Cussler, Clive                        7.3          FIC Cussler

Shock Wave                                          Cussler, Clive                        7.3          FIC Cussler

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of…  Salvatore, R. A.                  7.3          SCI FIC Salvatore SW

Dark Watch                                           Cussler, Clive                        7.4          FIC Cussler

Exile’s Honor                                         Lackey, Mercedes               7.4          YA FIC Lackey

Ice Station Zebra                                  MacLean, Alistair                 7.4          FIC MacLean

Mediterranean Caper, The                 Cussler, Clive                        7.4          FIC Cussler pbk

Out of the Silent Planet                      Lewis, C. S.                            7.4          YA FIC Lewis

Perfect Storm, The                               Junger, Sebastian                 7.4          974.4 Junger

Skeleton Coast                                      Cussler, Clive                        7.4          FIC Cussler

Time Machine, The                              Wells, H. G.                           7.4          FIC Wells

Valhalla Rising                                      Cussler, Clive                        7.4          FIC Cussler

Dragondrums                                        McCaffrey, Anne                  7.5          YA FIC McCaffrey

Elf Queen of Shannara, The               Brooks, Terry                        7.5          YA/FIC Brooks

Inheritance                                            Paolini, Christopher            7.5          YA FIC Paolini

Ship Who Sang, The                       McCaffrey, Anne                  7.5          YA FIC McCaffrey pbk

Trojan Odyssey                                     Cussler, Clive                        7.5          FIC Cussler

Life, the Universe and Everything     Adams, Douglas                  7.6          YA FIC Adams pbk

Seeing Redd                                     Beddor, Frank                         7.6            YA FIC Beddor

Blade of Fire                                   Hill, Stuart                               7.7               YA FIC Hill

Childhood’s End                                   Clarke, Arthur C.                  7.7          FIC Clarke

Flood Tide                                              Cussler, Clive                        7.7          FIC Cussler

Rule of Two                                        Karpyshyn, Drew                 7.7       SCI FIC Karpyshyn SW

Two Years Before the Mast            Dana, Richard Henry          7.7       REF 800/910.45 Dana

2010: Odyssey Two                              Clarke, Arthur C.                  7.8          FIC Clarke

ArchEnemy                                   Beddor, Frank                         7.9              YA FIC Beddor

Elvenborn                                       Norton, Andre                         7.9                   YA FIC Norton

Captains Courageous                          Kipling, Rudyard                   8.0          YA FIC Kipling

Cry of the Icemark                            Hill, Stuart                               8.0              YA FIC Hill

Kon-Tiki                                                  Heyerdahl, Thor                   8.0          910.4 Heyerdahl

Long Knife                                             Thom, James Alexander     8.0          FIC Thom

Scarlet Pimpernel, The                        Orczy, Baroness                   8.0          FIC Orczy

Into the Wild                                         Krakauer, Jon                        8.1          92 McCandless

Last Battle of the Icemark                Hill, Stuart                               8.1            YA FIC Hill

MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror          Alten, Steve                             8.1           YA FIC Alten

Sea Wolf, The                                        London, Jack                         8.1          YA FIC London

Flood, The                                              Dietz, William C.                   8.2          YA FIC Dietz pbk

Treasure of Khan                                 Cussler, Clive                        8.2          FIC Cussler

2061: Odyssey Three                           Clarke, Arthur C.                  8.3          FIC Clarke

Mutiny on the Bounty                         Nordhoff, Charles               8.4          FIC Nordhoff

Endurance, The                                    Alexander, Caroline             8.6          910.4 Alexander

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood     Pyle, Howard                        8.6          YA FIC Pyle

Sword of Shannara, The                     Brooks, Terry                        8.7          YA/FIC Brooks

Into Thin Air                                          Krakauer, Jon                        8.9          796.52 Krakauer

King Solomon’s Mines                         Haggard, H. Rider                8.9          FIC Haggard

Black Arrow, The                                  Stevenson, Robert Louis    9.0          YA FIC Stevenson

Tarzan of the Apes                              Burroughs, Edgar Rice        9.0          YA FIC Burroughs

Lost Horizon                                          Hilton, James                        9.5          FIC Hilton

Around the World in Eighty Days    Verne, Jules                           9.6           YA FIC Verne pbk

Swiss Family Robinson, The               Wyss, Johann                        9.7          YA FIC Wyss

Journey to the Center of the Earth    Verne, Jules                          9.9          YA FIC Verne pbk

Man in the Iron Mask, The                 Dumas, Alexander               10.2        FIC Dumas

Moby Dick                                             Melville, Herman                 10.3        FIC Melville

Mysterious Island, The                        Verne, Jules                          10.8        FIC Verne

Three Musketeers, The                       Dumas, Alexander               11.3        FIC Dumas

Last of the Mohicans, The                  Cooper, James Fenimore   12.0        FIC Cooper

Moll Flanders                                        Defoe, Daniel                        12.1        FIC Defoe

Robinson Crusoe                                  Defoe, Daniel                        12.3        FIC Defoe

Typee                                                      Melville, Herman                 12.6        FIC Melville

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