The AR Biographies list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

My Story                                                Smart, Elizabeth                   5.0          92 Smart

Chinese Cinderella                               Mah, Adeline Yen                5.7          92 Mah

Angela’s Ashes                                     McCourt, Frank                    5.9          92 McCourt

Cheaper by the Dozen                         Gilbreth, Frank                     6.0          92 Gilbreth

Color of Water, The                             McBride, James                    6.1          92 McBride

Rosa Parks: My Story                        Parks, Rosa                           6.2            92 Parks

American Sniper                                   Kyle, Chris                             6.3          92 Kyle

John Glenn                                            Streissguth, Tom                  6.4          92 Glenn

Diary of a Young Girl, The                  Frank, Anne                          6.5          92 Frank

Lord God Made Them All, The           Herriot, James                      6.6          92 Herriot

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings     Angelou, Maya                     6.7          92 Angelou

It’s Not About the Bike                        Armstrong, Lance                6.7          92 Armstrong

Jackie Robinson                                    Ford, Carin T.                        6.9          92 Robinson

Privilege of Youth, The                        Pelzer, Dave                            6.9               92 Pelzer

Quiet Strength                                      Dungy, Tony                          7.1          92 Dungy

Lone Survivor                                      Luttrell, Marcus                      7.2           92 Luttrell

Robert E. Lee: Confederate…              Gillis, Jennifer Blizin            7.4          92 Lee

Roots                                                      Haley, Alex                            7.4          92 Haley

Autobiography of Malcolm X            X, Malcolm                            7.5          92 X

Unbroken                                               Hillenbrand, Laura               7.7          92 Zamperini

Narrative of the Life of Frederick…    Douglass, Frederick            7.9          92 Douglass

Death Be Not Proud                            Gunther, John                      8.0          92 Gunther

Into the Wild                                         Krakauer, Jon                        8.1          92 McCandless

Evil Masters: The Frightening…         Scandiffio, Laura                  8.2          920 Scandiffio

Up from Slavery                                    Washington, Booker T.       8.2          92 Washington

Joan of Arc                                            Silverthorne, Elizabeth        8.5          92 Joan

Catherine the Great and the…           Whitelaw, Nancy                  8.6          92 Catherine

Steve Jobs                                                Isaacson, Walter                     8.6        92 Jobs

Lyndon B. Johnson                               Williams, Jean Kinney         8.7          92 Johnson

Into Thin Air                                          Krakauer, Jon                        8.9          796.52 Krakauer

Undaunted Courage                            Ambrose, Stephen E.           9.0          920 Ambrose

Arnold Schwarzenegger                     Brandon, Karen                    9.1          92 Schwarzenegger

Josef Mengele                                       Grabowski, John F.              9.1          92 Mengele

Life on the Mississippi                         Twain, Mark                          9.1          92 Twain

Life and Death of Adolph Hitler         Giblin, James Cross              9.2          92 Hitler

Behind the Mask: The Life of…          Thomas, Jane Resh              9.4          92 Elizabeth

First Man: The Life of Neil A. Arm…  Hansen, James R.                 9.5          92 Armstrong

Hershey                                                  D’Antonio, Michael             9.5          92 Hershey

Autobiography of Mark Twain, The Twain, Mark                          9.6          92 Twain

Ansel Adams: An Autobiography      Adams, Ansel                        9.7          92 Adams

Where Men Win Glory: The Ody…    Krakauer, Jon                        9.7          92 Tillman

Defiant Chiefs                                       Time-Life Books                    9.8          REF 973.3 Defiant

Ancient Philosophers                           Nardo, Don                           10.0        920 Nardo

Charles Dickens                                    Smiley, Jane                          10.4        92 Dickens

Benjamin Franklin: An American…    Isaacson, Walter                  10.6        92 Franklin

Life and Writings of Abraham…        Lincoln, Abraham                 10.6        92 Lincoln

Americanization of Benjamin…         Wood, Gordon S.                 10.9        92 Franklin

Grant                                                      Smith, Jean Edward             11.0        92 Grant

Profiles in Courage                              Kennedy, John F.                  11.4        920 Kennedy

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