The AR Classics list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Acceptable Time, An                           L’Engle, Madeleine              4.5          YA FIC L’Engle

Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitt…    Gaines, Ernest J.                   4.6          FIC Gaines

Grapes of Wrath, The                          Steinbeck, John                    4.9          FIC Steinbeck

Joy in the Morning                               Smith, Betty                          4.9          FIC Smith

Walk Two Moons                                 Creech, Sharon                     4.9          YA FIC Creech

Where the Red Fern Grows                Rawls, Wilson                       4.9          YA FIC Rawls

Lord of the Flies                                    Golding, William                   5.0          FIC Golding

Girl Named Disaster, A                       Farmer, Nancy                      5.1          YA FIC Farmer

Old Man and the Sea, The                  Hemingway, Ernest             5.1          FIC Hemingway

Black Stallion, The                                Farley, Walter                       5.2          YA FIC Farley

Fahrenheit 451                                    Bradbury, Ray                       5.2          FIC Bradbury

Cold Sassy Tree                                     Burns, Olive Ann                  5.3          FIC Burns

Sounder                                                 Armstrong, William H.        5.3          YA FIC Armstrong

Island of the Blue Dolphins                O’Dell, Scott                          5.4          YA FIC O’Dell

Magician’s Nephew, The                    Lewis, C. S.                            5.4          YA FIC Lewis

To Kill a Mockingbird                           Lee, Harper                           5.6          FIC Lee

Treasure Island (Abridged)                Stevenson, Robert Louis    5.6          YA FIC Stevenson

Dune                                                       Herbert, Frank                      5.7          FIC Herbert

Flowers for Algernon                           Keyes, Daniel                        5.8          FIC Keyes

Lion, the Witch, and the Ward…       Lewis, C. S.                            5.7          YA FIC Lewis

For Whom the Bell Tolls                      Hemingway, Ernest             5.8          FIC Hemingway

Horse and His Boy, The                       Lewis, C. S.                            5.8          YA FIC Lewis

Robinson Crusoe (abridged)              Defoe, Daniel                        5.8          FIC Defoe

Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A                  Smith, Betty                          5.8          FIC Smith

Town Like Alice, A                                Shute, Nevil                          5.8          FIC Shute

Johnny Tremain                                    Forbes, Esther                      5.9          YA FIC Forbes

Tombs of Atuan, The                           Le Guin, Ursula K.                5.9          YA FIC Le Guin

Anne of Ingleside                            Montgomery, L. M.                 6.0         YA FIC Montgomery

All Quiet on the Western Front         Remarque, Erich Maria       6.0          FIC Remarque

Cannery Row                                        Steinbeck, John                    6.0          FIC Steinbeck

Dandelion Wine                                   Bradbury, Ray                       6.0          FIC Bradbury

Fantastic Voyage                                 Asimov, Isaac                        6.0          FIC Asimov

Farewell to Arms, A                             Hemingway, Ernest             6.0          FIC Hemingway

Little Princess, A                               Burnett, Frances Hodgson      6.0        YA FIC Burnett

My Friend Flicka                              O’Hara, Mary                          6.0             YA FIC O’Hara

Tortilla Flat                                           Steinbeck, John                    6.0          FIC Steinbeck

Alas, Babylon                                        Frank, Pat                              6.1          FIC Frank

Anne’s House of Dreams            Montgomery, L. M.                 6.1             YA FIC Montgomery

April Morning                                       Fast, Howard                        6.1          FIC Fast

Black Stallion Returns, The                 Farley, Walter                       6.1          YA FIC Farley

Daddy-Long-Legs                                 Webster, Jean                      6.1          JUV FIC Webster

Farthest Shore, The                             Le Guin, Ursula K.                6.1          YA FIC Le Guin

Fellowship of the Ring, The                Tolkien, J. R. R.                     6.1          YA FIC Tolkien

Girl of the Limberlost, A                  Stratten-Porter, Gene             6.1           YA FIC Stratten

Red Pony, The                                       Steinbeck, John                    6.1          FIC Steinbeck

Reivers, The                                           Faulkner, William                 6.1          FIC Faulkner

Blue Gold                                               Cussler, Clive                        6.2          FIC Cussler

Children of Dune                                  Herbert, Frank                      6.2          FIC Herbert

Cry, the Beloved Country                    Paton, Alan                           6.2          FIC Paton

Drums Along the Mohawk                 Edmonds, Walter D.            6.2          FIC Edmonds

Return of the King, The                       Tolkien, J. R. R.                     6.2          YA FIC Tolkien

Anne of the Island                        Montgomery, L. M.          6.3           YA FIC Montgomery pbk

Emily Climbs                             Montgomery, L. M.                 6.3        YA FIC Montgomery pbk

Emily of New Moon                        Montgomery, L.M.            6.3      YA FIC Montgomery pbk

Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The            McCullers, Carson                6.3          FIC McCullers

Secret Garden, The                            Burnett, Frances Hodgson      6.3            YA FIC Burnett

Two Towers, The                                  Tolkien, J. R. R.                     6.3          YA FIC Tolkien

Virginian, The                                       Wister, Owen                       6.3          FIC Wister

Foundation                                           Asimov, Isaac                        6.4          FIC Asimov

Sister Carrie                                           Dreiser, Theodore               6.4          FIC Dreiser

Go Tell It on the Mountain                 Baldwin, James                     6.5          FIC Baldwin

Good-bye, Mr. Chips                           Hilton, James                        6.5          FIC Hilton

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn        Twain, Mark                          6.6          YA/FIC Twain

Chosen, The                                          Potok, Chaim                        6.6          YA/FIC Potok

Dracula                                                  Stoker, Bram                         6.6          FIC Stoker

Hobbit, The                                           Tolkien, J. R. R.                     6.6          YA FIC Tolkien

Tom Sawyer Abroad                          Twain, Mark                            6.7          YA FIC Twain pbk

O Pioneers!                                            Cather, Willa                         6.7          FIC Cather

Wizard of Earthsea, A                         Le Guin, Ursula K.                6.7          YA FIC Le Guin

Rebecca                                                  du Maurier, Daphne            6.8          FIC Du Maurier

Angle of Repose                                   Stegner, Wallace                  6.9          FIC Stegner

My Antonia                                           Cather, Willa                         6.9          FIC Cather

Separate Peace, A                               Knowles, John                      6.9          YA FIC Knowles

Fountainhead, The                               Rand, Ayn                              7.0          FIC Rand

Pygmalion                                             Shaw, Bernard                      7.0          822 Shaw

Catch-22                                                Heller, Joseph                       7.1          FIC Heller

Mrs. Dalloway                                      Woolf, Virginai                      7.2          YA FIC Woolf

This Side of Paradise                           Fitzgerald, F. Scott               7.2          FIC Fitzgerald

Anne of Green Gables                     Montgomery, L. M.                 7.3         YA FIC Montgomery

Cask of Amontillado, The                   Poe, Edgar Allan                   7.3          FIC Poe

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Other…    Stevenson, Robert Louis   7.3   YA FIC Stevenson pbk

Great Gatsby, The                                Fitzgerald, F. Scott               7.3          FIC Fitzgerald

Study in Scarlet, A                                Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan      7.3          FIC Doyle

Ice Station Zebra                                  MacLean, Alistair                 7.4          FIC MacLean

Jungle Books, The                               Kipling, Rudyard                      7.4        YA FIC Kipling

Time Machine, The                              Wells, H. G.                           7.4          FIC Wells

Brave New World                                Huxley, Aldous                     7.5          FIC Huxley

March                                                     Brooks, Geraldine                7.5          FIC Brooks

Sword in the Stone, The                   White, T. H.                             7.5           YA FIC White

Ethan Frome                                         Wharton, Edith                     7.6          FIC Wharton

Kidnapped                                             Stevenson, Robert Louis    7.6          YA FIC Stevenson

Rainbow Valley                             Montgomery, L. M.                 7.6          YA FIC Montgomery

Adventure of the Speckled Band       Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan      7.7          FIC Doyle pbk

First Men in the Moon, The                Wells, H. G.                           7.7          FIC Wells

Invisible Man, The                                Wells, H. G.                           7.7          YA FIC Wells pbk

Kim                                                         Kipling, Rudyard                   7.7          YA FIC Kipling

Passage to India, A                              Forster, E. M.                        7.7          FIC Forster

Picture of Dorian Gray, The                Wilde, Oscar                         7.7          FIC Wilde

Alice’s Adventures in Wonder…        Carroll, Lewis                        7.8          YA FIC Carroll

Andersonville                                        Kantor, MacKinlay               7.8          FIC Kantor

Babbitt                                                   Lewis, Sinclair                       7.8          FIC Lewis

Intruder in the Dust                             Faulkner, William                 7.8          FIC Faulkner

Jane Eyre                                                Bronte, Charlotte                 7.9          FIC Bronte

Little Women                                        Alcott, Louisa May               7.9          FIC Alcott

Silmarillion, The                           Tolkien, J. R. R.                        7.9               YA FIC Tolkien

Captains Courageous                          Kipling, Rudyard                   8.0          YA FIC Kipling

Red Badge of Courage, The               Crane, Stephen                    8.0          FIC Crane

Scarlet Pimpernel, The                        Orczy, Baroness                   8.0          FIC Orczy

Sherlock Holmes and the Red-…        Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan      8.0          FIC Doyle

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The      Twain, Mark                            8.1           YA/FIC Twain

Canterbury Tales, The                         Chaucer, Geoffry                 8.1          821 Chaucer

Little Lord Fauntleroy                        Burnett, Frances Hodgson      8.1     YA FIC Hodgson

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm          Wiggin, Kate Douglas              8.1       YA FIC Wiggin

Sea Wolf, The                                        London, Jack                         8.1          YA FIC London

Atlas Shrugged                                     Rand, Ayn                              8.2          FIC Rand

Doctor Zhivago                                    Pasternak, Boris                   8.2          FIC Pasternak

Mythology                                             Hamilton, Edith                    8.2          292 Hamilton

Wind in the Willows, The             Grahame, Kenneth                  8.2           YA FIC Grahame

Hound of the Baskervilles, The          Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan      8.3          FIC Doyle

Inheritance, The                                   Alcott, Louisa May               8.3          FIC Alcott

Pudd’nhead Wilson                             Twain, Mark                          8.3          FIC Twain

Turn of the Screw, The                        James, Henry                        8.3          FIC James

Mutiny on the Bounty                       Nordhoff, Charles                  8.4          FIC Nordhoff

Othello                                                   Shakespeare, William          8.4          822.3 Shakespeare

Sense and Sensibility                           Austen, Jane                         8.4          FIC Austen

American Tragedy, An                        Dreiser, Theodore               8.5          FIC Dreiser

Awakening, The                                   Chopin, Kate                         8.5          FIC Chopin

Anne of Avonlea                              Montgomery, L. M.                 8.6         YA FIC Montgomery

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood     Pyle, Howard                        8.6          YA FIC Pyle

Romeo and Juliet                                 Shakespeare, William          8.6          822.3 Shakespeare

Schindler’s List                                      Keneally, Thomas                 8.6          FIC Keneally

Twelfth Night                                       Shakespeare, William          8.6          822.3 Shakespeare

Crime and Punishment                        Dostoevsky, Fyodor             8.7          FIC Dostoyevsky

Walden                                                  Thoreau, Henry David         8.7          818 Thoreau

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes         Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan      8.8          FIC Doyle

Age of Innocence, The                         Wharton, Edith                     8.8          FIC Wharton

Bleak House                                          Dickens, Charles                   8.8          FIC Dickens

Count of Monte Cristo, The                Dumas, Alexandre               8.8          FIC Dumas

Jo’s Boys                                                Alcott, Louisa May               8.8          FIC Alcott

King Lear                                              Shakespeare, William          8.8          822.3 Shakespeare

Our Mutual Friend                               Dickens, Charles                   8.8          FIC Dickens

Screwtape Letters, The                       Lewis, C. S.                            8.8          248.4 Lewis

Taming of the Shrew, The                 Shakespeare, William          8.8          822.3 Shakespeare

Tender is the Night                              Fitzgerald, F. Scott               8.8          FIC Fitzgerald

King Solomon’s Mines                         Haggard, H. Rider                8.9          FIC Haggard

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)             Orwell, George                     8.9          YA FIC Orwell

2001: A Space Odyssey                       Clarke, Arthur C.                  9.0          FIC Clarke

Heart of Darkness                                Conrad, Joseph                    9.0          FIC Conrad

Much Ado About Nothing                  Shakespeare, William          9.0          822.3 Shakespeare

Tarzan of the Apes                              Burroughs, Edgar Rice        9.0          YA FIC Burroughs

Tempest, The                                        Shakespeare, William          9.0          822.3 Shakespeare

Undaunted Courage                            Ambrose, Stephen E.           9.0          920 Ambrose

1776                                                       McCullough, David              9.1          973.3 McCullough

Absalom, Absalom!                             Faulkner, William                 9.1          FIC Faulkner

Ben-Hur                                                  Wallace, Lew                        9.1          FIC Wallace

Ghost Soldiers                                       Sides, Hampton                    9.1          940.54 Sides

Life on the Mississippi                         Twain, Mark                          9.1          92 Twain

Lord Jim                                                 Conrad, Joseph                    9.1          FIC Conrad

War of the Worlds                               Wells, H. G.                           9.1          YA/FIC Wells

As You Like It                                        Shakespeare, William          9.2          822.3 Shakespeare

Connecticut Yankee in King…            Twain, Mark                          9.2          FIC Twain

Great Expectations                              Dickens, Charles                   9.2          FIC Dickens

Lorna Doone                                         Blackmore, R. D.                  9.2          FIC Blackmore

Love in the Time of Cholera               Garcia Marquez, Gabriel    9.2          FIC Garcia

Emma                                                     Austen, Jane                         9.3          FIC Austen

Hard Times                                            Dickens, Charles                   9.3          FIC Dickens

Prince and the Pauper, The                Twain, Mark                          9.3          FIC Twain

Uncle Tom’s Cabin                               Stowe, Harriet Beecher      9.3          FIC Stowe

Little Dorrit                                            Dickens, Charles                   9.4          FIC Dickens

Merchant of Venice, The                    Shakespeare, William          9.4          822.3 Shakespeare

David Copperfield                                Dickens, Charles                   9.5          FIC Dickens

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                       Stevenson, Robert Louis    9.5          YA FIC Stevenson

Lost Horizon                                          Hilton, James                        9.5          FIC Hilton

Mayor of Casterbridge, The               Hardy, Thomas                     9.5          FIC Hardy

Anna Karenina                                      Tolstoy, Leo                          9.6          FIC Tolstoy

Around the World in Eighty Days     Verne, Jules                         9.6           YA FIC Verne pbk

Portrait of a Lady, The                        James, Henry                        9.6          FIC James

Far from the Madding Crowd            Hardy, Thomas                     9.7          FIC Hardy

House of Mirth, The                             Wharton, Edith                     9.7          FIC Wharton

Swiss Family Robinson, The               Wyss, Johann                        9.7          YA FIC Wyss

Tale of Two Cities, A                            Dickens, Charles                   9.7          823/FIC Dickens

Les Miserables (unabridged)             Hugo, Victor                          9.8          FIC Hugo

Roughing It                                           Twain, Mark                          9.8          FIC Twain

Journey to the Center of the Earth    Verne, Jules                          9.9          YA FIC Verne pbk

Mill on the Floss, The                          Eliot, George                        9.9          FIC Eliot

Story of Mankind, The                         Van Loon, Hendrik Willem 9.9          909 Van

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea          Verne, Jules                          10.0        FIC Verne

Martin Chuzzlewit                                Dickens, Charles                   10.0        FIC Dickens

Pit and the Pendulum, The                 Poe, Edgar Allan                   10.1        813/FIC Poe

War and Peace                                     Tolstoy, Leo                          10.1        FIC Tolstoy

Man in the Iron Mask, The                 Dumas, Alexander               10.2        FIC Dumas

Moby Dick                                             Melville, Herman                 10.3        FIC Melville

Odyssey, The                                         Homer                                10.3       REF 800/883 Homer

Beowulf                                                  Heaney, Seamus                   10.4        829.3 Heaney

Brothers Karamazov, The                   Dostoyevsky, Fyodor           10.4        FIC Dostoyevsky

Middlemarch                                         Eliot, George                        10.4        FIC Eliot

Pilgrim’s Progress (unabridged)       Bunyan, John                   10.4      REF 800/FIC Bunyan

Hamlet                                                   Shakespeare, William          10.5        822.3 Shakespeare

Arabian Nights, The                             Burton, Richard F.                10.6        398.22   Burton

Billy Budd                                              Melville, Herman                 10.6        FIC Melville

Idiot, The                                               Dostoyevsky, Fyodor           10.7        FIC Dostoyevsky

Julius Caesar                                        Shakespeare, William          10.8        822.3 Shakespeare

Mysterious Island, The                        Verne, Jules                          10.8        FIC Verne

Macbeth                                                Shakespeare, William          10.9        822.3 Shakespeare

Midsummer Night’s Dream, A         Shakespeare, William          10.9        822.3 Shakespeare

Don Quixote                                     Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel   11.0          FIC Cervantes

House of the Seven Gables, The        Hawthorne, Nathaniel         11.0        FIC Hawthorne

Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The            Irving, Washington              11.0        FIC Irving

Deerslayer, The                                    Cooper, James Fenimore   11.2        FIC Cooper

Iliad, The                                                Homer                                    11.3        883 Homer

Oliver Twist                                           Dickens, Charles                   11.3        FIC Dickens

Three Musketeers, The                       Dumas, Alexander               11.3        FIC Dumas

Wuthering Heights                              Bronte, Emily                        11.3        FIC Bronte

Fall of the House of Usher, The         Poe, Edgar Allan                   11.4        FIC Poe

Sonnets of Shakespeare, The             Shakespeare, William          11.5        822.3 Shakespeare

Scarlet Letter, The                                Hawthorne, Nathaniel         11.7        FIC Hawthorne

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The        Hugo, Victor                          11.8        FIC Hugo

Nicholas Nickleby                                 Dickens, Charles                   11.9        FIC Dickens

Last of the Mohicans, The                  Cooper, James Fenimore   12.0        FIC Cooper

Mansfield Park                                     Austen, Jane                         12.0        FIC Austen

Persuasion                                             Austen, Jane                         12.0        FIC Austen

Pride and Prejudice                              Austen, Jane                         12.0        FIC Austen

Moll Flanders                                        Defoe, Daniel                        12.1        FIC Defoe

Robinson Crusoe                                  Defoe, Daniel                        12.3        FIC Defoe

Frankenstein                                         Shelley, Mary                        12.4        YA/FIC Shelley

Typee                                                      Melville, Herman                 12.6        FIC Melville

Ivanhoe                                                  Scott, Sir Walter                   12.9        FIC Scott

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