The AR Coming of Age list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

I am the Messenger                             Zusak, Markus                      3.9          YA FIC Zusak

Just One Year                                        Forman, Gayle                      4.3          YA FIC Forman

Flipped                                                   Van Draanen, Wendelin     4.8          YA FIC Van

Perks of Being a Wallflower, The      Chbosky, Stephen                4.8          YA FIC Chbosky

Promise, The                                         Potok, Chaim                        4.8          FIC Potok

Okay for Now                                        Schmidt, Gary D.                  4.9          YA FIC Schmidt

Peak                                                       Smith, Roland                       5.0          YA FIC Smith

Yearling, The                                         Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan 5.0          YA FIC Rawlings

Old Man and the Sea, The                  Hemingway, Ernest             5.1          FIC Hemingway

Kite Runner, The                                   Hosseini, Khaled                  5.2          FIC Hosseini

Cold Sassy Tree                                     Burns, Olive Ann                  5.3          FIC Burns

My Sister’s Keeper                               Picoult, Jodi                          5.3          FIC Picoult

Curious Incident of the Dog…            Haddon, Mark                      5.4          FIC Haddon

Paper Towns                                         Green, John                          5.4          YA FIC Green

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s…      Rowling, J. K.                         5.5          YA FIC Rowling

To Kill a Mockingbird                           Lee, Harper                           5.6          FIC Lee

How Green Was My Valley                Llewellyn, Richard               5.7          FIC Llewellyn

Secret Life of Bees, The                       Kidd, Sue Monk                    5.7          YA FIC Kidd

Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A                  Smith, Betty                          5.8          FIC Smith

Calico Joe                                               Grisham, John                      5.9          FIC Grisham

Wish You Well                                      Baldacci, David                     5.9          FIC Baldacci

Dandelion Wine                                   Bradbury, Ray                       6.0          FIC Bradbury

Cat’s Eye                                                Atwood, Margaret               6.1          FIC Atwood

Daddy-Long-Legs                                 Webster, Jean                      6.1          JUV FIC Webster

Death in the Family, A                        Agee, James                          6.1          FIC Agee

Red Pony, The                                       Steinbeck, John                    6.1          FIC Steinbeck

Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The              Wroblewski, David              6.1          FIC Wroblewski

Christy                                                    Marshall, Catherine            6.2          FIC Marshall

Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The            McCullers, Carson                6.3          FIC McCullers

Peace Like a River                                Enger, Leif                             6.3          FIC Enger

Half Broke Horses: A True Life…        Walls, Jeannette                  6.5          FIC Walls

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn        Twain, Mark                         6.6          YA/FIC Twain

Chosen, The                                          Potok, Chaim                        6.6             YA/FIC Potok

Ella Minnow Pea                              Dunn, Mark                             6.6               YA FIC Dunn

Up a Road Slowly                              Hunt, Irene                              6.6            YA FIC Hunt pbk

Harry Potter and the Chamber…       Rowling, J. K.                         6.7          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner…         Rowling, J. K.                         6.7          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  Rowling, J. K.                        6.8          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly…         Rowling, J. K.                         6.9          YA FIC Rowling

Separate Peace, A                               Knowles, John                      6.9          YA FIC Knowles

Ruins of Gorlan, The                            Flanagan, John                     7.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Countess Below Stairs, A                    Ibbotson, Eva                        7.1          YA FIC Ibbotson

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood…    Rowling, J. K.                        7.2          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of…        Rowling, J. K.                        7.2          YA FIC Rowling

Kim                                                         Kipling, Rudyard                   7.7          YA FIC Kipling

Jane Eyre                                                Bronte, Charlotte                 7.9          FIC Bronte

Little Women                                        Alcott, Louisa May               7.9          FIC Alcott

Astonishing Life of Octavian… vol. 1 Anderson, M. T.                   8.0          FIC Anderson

Captains Courageous                          Kipling, Rudyard                   8.0          YA FIC Kipling

Men of Iron                                           Pyle, Howard                        9.0          YA FIC Pyle

Great Expectations                              Dickens, Charles                   9.2          FIC Dickens

Emma                                                     Austen, Jane                         9.3          FIC Austen

David Copperfield                               Dickens, Charles                   9.5          FIC Dickens

Oliver Twist                                           Dickens, Charles                   11.3        FIC Dickens

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