The AR Dystopian Stories list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Slated                                                     Terry, Teri                             3.9          YA FIC Terry

Hunger                                                   Grant, Michael                     4.0          YA FIC Grant

Crossed                                                  Condie, Ally                           4.2          YA FIC Condie

Shattered                                               Terry, Teri                             4.2          YA FIC Terry

Gone                                                       Grant, Michael                     4.3          YA FIC Grant

Here and Now, The                              Brashares, Ann                     4.5          YA FIC Brashares

Reached                                                 Condie, Ally                           4.6          YA FIC Condie

Siren, The                                               Cass, Kiera                             4.6          YA FIC Cass

Atlantia                                                  Condie, Ally                           4.7          YA FIC Condie

Crown, The                                            Cass, Kiera                             4.7          YA FIC Cass

One, The                                                Cass, Kiera                             4.7          YA FIC Cass

Selection, The                                       Cass, Kiera                             4.7          YA FIC Cass

Among the Hidden                              Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4.8         YA FIC Haddix

Angel                                                      Patterson, James                  4.8          YA FIC Patterson

Divergent                                               Roth, Veronica                     4.8          YA FIC Roth

Elite, The                                                Cass, Kiera                             4.8          YA FIC Cass

Forgotten Locket, The                         Mangum, Lisa                       4.8          YA FIC Mangum

Golden Spiral, The                                Mangum, Lisa                       4.8          YA FIC Mangum

Heir, The                                                Cass, Kiera                             4.8          YA FIC Cass

Matched                                                Condie, Ally                           4.8          YA FIC Condie

Rise of Nine, The                                  Lore, Pittacus                        4.8          YA FIC Lore

Among the Betrayed                           Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4.9         YA FIC Haddix

Among the Impostors                          Haddix, Margaret Peterson 4.9         YA FIC Haddix

Fall of Five, The                                    Lore, Pittacus                        4.9          YA FIC Lore

Messenger                                             Lowry, Lois                            4.9          YA FIC Lowry

Gathering Blue                                     Lowry, Lois                            5.0          YA FIC Lowry

Insurgent                                               Roth, Veronica                     5.0          YA FIC Roth

Scorch Trials, The                                 Dashner, James                    5.0          YA FIC Dashner

Son                                                         Lowry, Lois                            5.0          YA FIC Lowry

Steelheart                                              Sanderson, Brandon            5.0          YA FIC Sanderson

Crimson Crown, The                            Chima, Cinda Williams        5.1          YA FIC Chima

King’s Cage                                           Aveyard, Victoria                 5.1          YA FIC Aveyard

Nevermore                                             Patterson, James                  5.1          YA FIC Patterson

Max                                                        Patterson, James                  5.2          YA FIC Patterson

Catching Fire                                         Collins, Suzanne                   5.3          YA FIC Collins

Death Cure, The                                   Dashner, James                    5.3          YA FIC Dashner

Fate of Ten, The                                   Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC Lore

Fever Code, The                                    Dashner, James                    5.3          YA FIC Dashner

Glass Sword                                          Aveyard, Victoria                 5.3          YA FIC Aveyard

Hunger Games, The                             Collins, Suzanne                   5.3          YA FIC Collins

Iron King, The                                       Kagawa, Julie                        5.3          YA FIC Kagawa

Maze Runner, The                                Dashner, James                    5.3          YA FIC Dashner

Mockingjay                                           Collins, Suzanne                   5.3          YA FIC Collins

Enna Burning                                        Hale, Shannon                      5.5          YA FIC Hale

Bitterblue                                               Cashore, Kristin                    5.6          YA FIC Cashore

Deception                                              Redwine, C. J.                       5.6          YA FIC Redwine

Testing, The                                       Charbonneau, Joelle           5.6          YA FIC Charbonneau

Allegiant                                                Roth, Veronica                     5.7          YA FIC Roth

Champion                                              Lu, Marie                               5.7          YA FIC Lu

Giver, The                                              Lowry, Lois                            5.7          YA FIC Lowry

Iron Queen, The                                    Kagawa, Julie                        5.7          YA FIC Kagawa

Kill Order, The                                       Dashner, James                    5.7          YA FIC Dashner

Revenge of Seven, The                        Lore, Pittacus                        5.7          YA FIC Lore

Underworld                                           Cabot, Meg                           5.7          YA FIC Cabot

Carve the Mark                                    Roth, Veronica                     5.8          YA FIC Roth

Immortal Rules, The                            Kagawa, Julie                        5.8          YA FIC Kagawa

Horde                                                     Aguirre, Ann                         5.9          YA FIC Aguirre

Horizon                                                  Noel, Alyson                         5.9          YA FIC Noel

Dragon Kiss                                           Baker, E. D.                            6.0          YA FIC Baker

Iron Knight, The                                    Kagawa, Julie                        6.0          YA FIC Kagawa

Assassin’s Blade, The                        Maas, Sarah J.                         6.1              YA FIC Maas

Delirium                                                 Oliver, Lauren                      6.1          YA FIC Oliver

Shadowcry                                        Burtenshaw, Jenna                 6.1          YA FIC Burtenshaw

Shadowland                                          Noel, Alyson                         6.1          YA FIC Noel

Beauty                                                 McKinley, Robin                 6.2          YA FIC McKinley pbk

Shade’s Children                                  Nix, Garth                              6.4          YA FIC Nix pbk

Dark Flame                                            Noel, Alyson                         6.5          YA FIC Noel

Night Star                                              Noel, Alyson                         6.6          YA FIC Noel

Homeland                                          Doctorow, Cory                       6.7           YA FIC Doctorow

Everlasting                                             Noel, Alyson                         6.7          YA FIC Noel

Through the Looking Glass and…     Carroll, Lewis                        7.6          YA FIC Carroll

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