The AR Historical Fiction list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Stones in Water                                    Napoli, Donna Jo                  4.2          YA FIC Napoli

The Help                                                Stockett, Kathryn                 4.4          FIC Stockett

Cowboy Ghost                                      Peck, Robert Newton          4.5          YA FIC Peck

Fallout                                                    Strasser, Todd                      4.5          YA FIC Strasser

Autobiography of Miss Jane…           Gaines, Ernest J.                   4.6          FIC Gaines

Killer Angels, The                                 Shaara, Michael                   4.7          FIC Shaara

Ruby Red                                               Gier, Kerstin                          4.7          YA FIC Gier

Hunchback Assignments, The            Slade, Arthur                        4.8          YA FIC Slade

Squire’s Tale, The                                 Morris, Gerald                      4.8          YA FIC Morris pbk

Grapes of Wrath, The                          Steinbeck, John                    4.9          FIC Steinbeck

Okay for Now                                        Schmidt, Gary D.                  4.9          YA FIC Schmidt

Prisoner B-3087                                   Gratz, Alan                            4.9          YA FIC Gratz

Crispin: The Cross of Lead                  Avi                                          5.0          YA FIC Avi

Prisoners in the Palace                        MacColl, Michaela               5.0          YA FIC MacColl

Sent                                                        Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.0         YA FIC Haddix

Book Thief, The                                     Zusak, Markus                      5.1          YA FIC Zusak

Healer’s Apprentice, The                    Dickerson, Melanie             5.1          YA FIC Dickerson

Lionclaw                                                Springer, Nancy                    5.1          YA FIC Springer

Silent Boy, The                                      Lowry, Lois                            5.1          YA FIC Lowry

Spy in the House, A                              Lee, Y. S.                                5.1          YA FIC Lee

Thousand Shall Fall, A                         Thoene, Bodie                      5.1          FIC Thoene

Zia                                                           O’Dell, Scott                          5.1          YA FIC O’Dell pbk

Chains                                                    Anderson, Laurie Halse       5.2          YA FIC Anderson

Eye of the Crow                                    Peacock, Shane                    5.2          YA FIC Peacock

Montmorency’s Revenge                    Updale, Eleanor                   5.2          YA FIC Updale

Outlaw Princess of Sherwood            Springer, Nancy                    5.2          YA FIC Springer

Risked                                                     Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.2         YA FIC Peterson

Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of…          Springer, Nancy                    5.2          YA FIC Springer

When the Legends Die                        Borland, Hal                          5.2          FIC Borland

Redeemed                                              Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.3         YA FIC Peterson

Sounder                                                 Armstrong, William H.        5.3          YA FIC Armstrong

True Confessions of Charlotte…         Avi                                          5.3          YA FIC Avi

Dragon Turn, The                                 Peacock, Shane                    5.4          YA FIC Peacock

Fallen in Love                                        Kate, Lauren                         5.4          YA FIC Kate

Island of the Blue Dolphins                O’Dell, Scott                          5.4          YA FIC O’Dell

Russian Roulette                                   Horowitz, Anthony              5.4          YA FIC Horowitz

Fairest Beauty, The                              Dickerson, Melanie             5.5          YA FIC Dickerson

Merchant’s Daughter, The                 Dickerson, Melanie             5.5          YA FIC Dickerson

Becoming Holmes                                Peacock, Shane                    5.6          YA FIC Peacock

Captive Maiden, The                           Dickerson, Melanie             5.6          YA FIC Dickerson

Clockwork Angel                                  Clare, Cassandra                   5.6          YA FIC Clare

Deception’s Pawn                                Friesner, Esther                    5.6          YA FIC Friesner

Nobody’s Prize                                      Friesner, Esther                    5.6          YA FIC Friesner

Spirit’s Princess                                     Friesner, Esther                    5.6          YA FIC Friesner

These is My Words                              Turner, Nancy E.                  5.6          YA FIC Turner

Thousand Pieces of Gold                    McCunn, Ruthanne Lum     5.6          FIC McCunn

Caged Graves, The                               Salerni, Dianne K.                5.7          YA FIC Salerni

Dreams of Mairhe Mehan, The        Armstrong, Jennifer            5.7          FIC Armstrong pbk

Revealed                                                Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.7         YA FIC Haddix

Soldier X                                                Wulffson, Don                      5.7          YA FIC Wulffson

Sphinx’s Princess                                  Friesner, Esther                    5.7          YA FIC Friesner

Stravaganza: City of Swords              Hoffman, Mary                     5.7          YA FIC Hoffman

Witch of Blackbird Pond, The            Speare, Elizabeth George   5.7          YA FIC Speare

Notebook, The                                      Sparks, Nicholas                   5.8          YA FIC Sparks

Spirit’s Chosen                                      Friesner, Esther                    5.8          YA FIC Friesner

Town Like Alice, A                                Shute, Nevil                          5.8          FIC Shute

Waistcoats & Weaponry                    Carriger, Gail                         5.8          YA FIC Carriger

Death on the Nile                                 Christie, Agatha                    5.9          FIC Christie

Grave Mercy                                          LaFevers, Robin                    5.9          YA FIC LaFevers

Grendel                                                  Gardner, John                       5.9          FIC Gardner

Johnny Tremain                                    Forbes, Esther                      5.9          YA FIC Forbes

Seventeenth Summer                          Daly, Maureen                     5.9          YA FIC Daly

Stravaganza: City of Secrets               Hoffman, Mary                     5.9          YA FIC Hoffman

Wednesday Wars, The                        Schmidt, Gary D.                  5.9          YA FIC Schmidt

Beloved                                                  Morrison, Toni                      6.0          FIC Morrison

Brothers of the Heart                          Blos, Joan W.                        6.0          YA FIC Blos

Caddie Woodlawn                               Brink, Carol Ryrie                 6.0          YA FIC Brink

Cannery Row                                        Steinbeck, John                    6.0          FIC Steinbeck

Education of Bet, The                     Baratz-Logsted, Lauren           6.0            YA FIC Baratz

Eye of the Needle                                 Follett, Ken                           6.0          FIC Follett

Guardian of the Horizon                     Peters, Elizabeth                  6.0          FIC Peters

Jacob’s Ladder                                      McCaig, Donald                    6.0          FIC McCaig

Jahanara: Princess of Princesses       Lasky, Kathryn                      6.0          JUV FIC Lasky

Late for the Wedding                          Quick, Amanda                     6.0          FIC Quick

Love Comes Softly                                Oke, Janette                          6.0          FIC Oke

Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen…         Lasky, Kathryn                      6.0          JUV FIC Lasky

Midwife’s Apprentice, The                 Cushman, Karen                  6.0          YA FIC Cushman

Montmorency and the Assassins      Updale, Eleanor                   6.0          YA FIC Updale

Nine Coaches Waiting                        Stewart, Mary                      6.0          FIC Stewart

Plague, The                                           Dahme, Joanne                    6.0          YA FIC Dahme

Riders of the Silver Rim                       Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.0          FIC Thoene

Seraphina                                              Hartman, Rachel                  6.0          YA FIC Hartman

Shunning, The                                       Lewis, Beverly                      6.0          FIC Lewis

Slave Dancer, The                                Fox, Paula                              6.0          YA FIC Fox

Witch Child                                           Rees, Celia                             6.0          YA FIC Rees

Alas, Babylon                                        Frank, Pat                              6.1          FIC Frank

April Morning                                       Fast, Howard                        6.1          FIC Fast

Clockwork Princess                            Clare, Cassandra                     6.1          YA FIC Clare

Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day, The   O’Dell, Scott                6.1           YA FIC O’Dell

Kirkland Revels                                     Holt, Victoria                         6.1          FIC Holt

Reluctant Assassin, The                   Colfer, Eoin                             6.1             YA FIC Colfer

Shoulder the Sky                                  Perry, Anne                           6.1          FIC Perry

Time Pirate, The                                   Bell, Ted                                 6.1          YA FIC Bell

Water Song                                      Weyn, Suzanne                        6.1            YA FIC Weyn pbk

When Calls the Heart                          Oke, Janette                          6.1          FIC Oke

Where the Broken Heart Still Beats  Meyer, Carolyn                    6.1          YA FIC Meyer

Across the Great Barrier                  Wrede, Patricia C.                   6.2         YA FIC Wrede

All the Light We Cannot See           Doerr, Anthony                        6.2           FIC Doerr

Bartered Bride, The                             Putney, Mary Jo                   6.2          FIC Putney

Call it Courage                                  Sperry, Armstrong                  6.2            YA FIC Sperry

Captive Bride, The                                Morris, Gilbert                      6.2          FIC Morris

Death in the Air                                    Peacock, Shane                    6.2          YA FIC Peacock

Door in the Wall, The                    De Angeli, Marguerite            6.2           YA FIC De Angeli

Drums Along the Mohawk                 Edmonds, Walter D.            6.2          FIC Edmonds

Girl in Hyacinth Blue                            Vreeland, Susan                   6.2          FIC Vreeland

Grand Tour, The                                   Wrede, Patricia C.                6.2          YA FIC Wrede

Kazunomiya                                          Lasky, Kathryn                      6.2          JUV FIC Lasky

Marie Antoinette: Princess of…         Lasky, Kathryn                      6.2          JUV FIC Lasky

Mary Mehan Awake                           Armstrong, Jennifer            6.2          FIC Armstrong pbk

Meeting Place, The                              Oke, Janette                          6.2          FIC Oke

Secret River, The                                  Grenville, Kate                      6.2          FIC Grenville

Stravaganza: City of Flowers              Hoffman, Mary                     6.2          YA FIC Hoffman

Stravaganza: City of Masks                Hoffman, Mary                     6.2          YA FIC Hoffman

White Nights, Red Morning               Pella, Judith                           6.2          FIC Pella

Across the Lines                                   Reeder, Carolyn                   6.3          JUV FIC Reeder

Alvin Journeyman                                Card, Orson Scott                 6.3          YA FIC Card

Blaze of Silver                                 Grant, K. M.                            6.3               YA FIC Grant

Blood Red Horse                                   Grant, K. M.                          6.3          YA FIC Grant

Bone Magician, The                             Higgins, F. E.                          6.3          JUV FIC Higgins

Death Cloud                                          Lane, Andrew                       6.3          YA FIC Lane

Hunt for Red October, The                 Clancy, Tom                          6.3          FIC Clancy

Last of the Breed                                  L’Amour, Louis                     6.3          FIC L’Amour

Maisie Dobbs                                        Winspear, Jacqueline          6.3          FIC Winspear

Mary, Bloody Mary                              Meyer, Carolyn                    6.3          YA FIC Meyer pbk

Montmorency on the Rocks               Updale, Eleanor                   6.3          YA FIC Updale

Nick of Time                                          Bell, Ted                                 6.3          YA FIC Bell

Pardonable Lies                                    Winspear, Jacqueline          6.3          FIC Winspear

Silvertongue                                      Fletcher, Charlie                     6.3             YA FIC Fletcher

Time Travelers, The                             Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.3          YA FIC Buckley

Virginian, The                                       Wister, Owen                       6.3          FIC Wister

Waiting                                                  Jin, Ha                                    6.3          FIC Jin

Walking Drum, The                              L’Amour, Louis                     6.3          FIC L’Amour

Anna of Byzantium                              Barrett, Tracy                       6.4          FIC Barrett pbk

By Honor Bound                                   Morris, Alan                          6.4          FIC Morris

Cannons of the Comstock                   Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.4          FIC Thoene

Catherine, Called Birdy                       Cushman, Karen                  6.4          YA FIC Cushman

Cleopatra Confesses                            Meyer, Carolyn                    6.4          YA FIC Meyer

Code Talker                                           Bruchac, Joseph                   6.4          YA FIC Bruchac

Dove and Sword: A Novel of Joan…  Garden, Nancy                      6.4          FIC Garden pbk

Inside the Walls of Troy                  McLaren, Clemence            6.4          YA FIC McLaren pbk

Lantern in Her Hand, A                       Aldrich, Bess Streeter         6.4          FIC Aldrich

Man From Shadow Ridge, The          Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.4          FIC Thoene

Captive, The                                          O’Dell, Scott                          6.5          YA FIC O’Dell

Code Name Verity                                Wein, Elizabeth                    6.5          YA FIC Wein

Comanche Moon                                 McMurtry, Larry                  6.5          FIC McMurtry

Crossroad, The                                      Lewis, Beverly                      6.5          FIC Lewis

Dawning of Deliverance, The             Pella, Judith                           6.5          FIC Pella

Far West, The                                    Wrede, Patricia C.                   6.5            YA FIC Wrede

Half Broke Horses: A True Life Novel Walls, Jeannette                 6.5          FIC Walls

Haunted Mesa, The                             L’Amour, Louis                     6.5          FIC L’Amour

Honorable Imposter, The                    Morris, Gilbert                      6.5          FIC Morris

Sequoia Scout                                       Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.5          FIC Thoene

Time Quake, The                                  Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.5          YA FIC Buckley

Tin Princess, The                               Pullman, Philip                     6.5          YA FIC Pullman pbk

Year of the Grizzly, The                       Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.5          FIC Thoene

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn        Twain, Mark                          6.6          YA/FIC Twain

Black Rose, The                                    Due, Tananarive                   6.6          FIC Due

Dead Reckoning                                Lackey, Mercedes                   6.6              YA FIC Lackey

Gold Rush Prodigal                              Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.6          FIC Thoene

House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel  Horowitz, Anthony       6.6          YA FIC Horowitz

Incomplete Revenge, An                    Winspear, Jacqueline          6.6          FIC Winspear

Mammoth Hunters, The                     Auel, Jean M.                        6.6          FIC Auel

Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box         Taylor, G. P.                          6.6          YA FIC Taylor

Poisonwood Bible, The                        Kingsolver, Barbara             6.6          FIC Kingsolver

Prince of Shadows                               Caine, Rachel                          6.6            YA FIC Caine

Tears of the Salamander, The       Dickinson, Peter                      6.6            YA FIC Dickinson

Valley of Horses, The                           Auel, Jean M.                        6.6          FIC Auel

Brothers                                                 Hunt, Angela Elwell             6.7          FIC Hunt

Dances with Wolves                            Blake, Michael                      6.7          FIC Blake

Exodus                                                   Uris, Leon                              6.7          FIC Uris

Gathering of Days, A                           Blos, Joan W.                        6.7          YA FIC Blos

How I Live Now                                     Rosoff, Meg                          6.7          YA FIC Rosoff

Passage into Light                               Pella, Judith                           6.7          FIC Pella

Prodigal, The                                         Lewis, Beverly                      6.7          FIC Lewis

Sorcery & Cecelia: or The Ench…       Wrede, Patricia C.                6.7          YA FIC Wrede

Blind Assassin, The                              Atwood, Margaret               6.8          FIC Atwood

Bright Young Things                         Godbersen, Anna                    6.8         YA FIC Godbersen

Heretic’s Daughter, The                      Kent, Kathleen                      6.8          FIC Kent

Mount Vernon Love Story                   Clark, Mary Higgins              6.8          FIC Clark

Night Dance, The                                 Weyn, Suzanne                    6.8          YA FIC Weyn pbk

Postcard, The                                        Lewis, Beverly                      6.8          FIC Lewis

Shadows on the Rock                          Cather, Willa                         6.8          FIC Cather

Shelters of Stone, The                         Auel, Jean M.                        6.8          FIC Auel

Time Thief, The                                     Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.8          YA FIC Buckley

Angle of Repose                                   Stegner, Wallace                  6.9          FIC Stegner

Cold Mountain                                     Frazier, Charles                    6.9          FIC Frazier

Doomed Queen Anne                          Meyer, Carolyn                    6.9          YA FIC Meyer

Heirs of the Motherland                     Pella, Judith                           6.9          FIC Pella

House Divided, A                                  Phillips, M. & J. Pella           6.9          FIC Pella

My Antonia                                           Cather, Willa                         6.9          FIC Cather

Travail and Triumph                            Phillips, M. & J. Pella           6.9          FIC Pella

Becca’s Story                                         Forman, James D.                7.0          YA FIC Forman

Clan of the Cave Bear, The                 Auel, Jean M.                        7.0          FIC Auel

Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil…     Gingrich, Newt                      7.0          FIC Gingrich

Gods and Generals                               Shaara, Jeff                           7.0          FIC Shaara

Monstrumologist, The                        Yancey, Rick                          7.0          YA FIC Yancey

Plains of Passage, The                         Auel, Jean M.                        7.0          FIC Auel

Snow Falling on Cedars                       Guterson, David                   7.0          FIC Guterson

Stones from the River                          Hegi, Ursula                          7.0          FIC Hegi

Archer’s Tale, The                                Cornwell, Bernard               7.1          FIC Cornwell

Countess Below Stairs, A                    Ibbotson, Eva                        7.1          YA FIC Ibbotson

Crown and the Crucible, The              Phillips, Michael                   7.1          FIC Phillips

Follow the River                                    Thom, James Alexander     7.1          FIC Thom

Gone with the Wind                            Mitchell, Margaret              7.1          FIC Mitchell

Journey                                                  Hunt, Angela Elwell             7.1          FIC Hunt

Kitchen Boy, The                                  Alexander, Robert               7.1          FIC Alexander

Ransom My Heart                                Cabot, Meg                           7.1          YA FIC Cabot

Rumors                                                   Godbersen, Anna                 7.1          YA FIC Godbersen

Song for Summer, A                            Ibbotson, Eva                        7.1          YA FIC Ibbotson

Vagabond                                             Cornwell, Bernard               7.1          FIC Bernard

Anna and the King…                            Landon, Margaret                7.2          FIC Landon

Beware, Princess Elizabeth                 Meyer, Carolyn                    7.2          YA FIC Meyer

March, The                                            Doctorow, E. L.                     7.2          FIC Doctorow

My Enemy the Queen                          Holt, Victoria                         7.2          FIC Holt

Dreamers                                               Hunt, Angela Elwell             7.3          FIC Hunt

Envy                                                     Godbersen, Anna                    7.3        YA FIC Godbersen

Great Gatsby, The                                Fitzgerald, F. Scott               7.3          FIC Fitzgerald

Last Full Measure, The                        Shaara, Jeff                           7.3          FIC Shaara

Locked Rooms                                       King, Laurie R.                       7.3          FIC King

Patience, Princess Catherine              Meyer, Carolyn                       7.3           YA FIC Meyer

Frost in the Night, A                            Baer, Edith                             7.4          YA FIC Baer

Montmorency: Thief, Liar…                Updale, Eleanor                   7.4          YA FIC Updale

Once and Future King, The                 White, T. H.                           7.4          YA FIC White

March                                                     Brooks, Geraldine                7.5          FIC Brooks

Morbid Taste for Bones, A                 Peters, Ellis                            7.5          FIC Peters pbk

Rise to Rebellion                                   Shaara, Jeff                           7.5          FIC Shaara

Spirit of the Border, The                     Grey, Zane                             7.6          FIC Grey

Kim                                                         Kipling, Rudyard                   7.7          YA FIC Kipling

Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, The      Maxwell, Robin                    7.7          FIC Maxwell

Babbitt                                                   Lewis, Sinclair                       7.8          FIC Lewis

Death Comes for the Archbishop      Cather, Willa                         7.9          FIC Cather

Princess Ben                                      Murdock, Catherine Gilbert    7.9        YA FIC Murdock

Remains of the Day, The                     Ishiguro, Kazuo                     7.9          FIC Ishiguro

Rilla of Ingleside                               Montgomery, L.M.              7.9          YA FIC Montgomery

Astonishing Life of Octavian… vol. 1 Anderson, M. T.                   8.0          FIC Anderson

Long Knife                                             Thom, James Alexander     8.0          FIC Thom

Red Badge of Courage, The               Crane, Stephen                    8.0          FIC Crane

Scarlet Pimpernel, The                        Orczy, Baroness                   8.0          FIC Orczy

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The    Twain, Mark                            8.1           YA/FIC Twain

Astonishing Life of Octavian… vol. 2 Anderson, M. T.                   8.1          FIC Anderson

Canterbury Tales, The                         Chaucer, Geoffry                 8.1          821 Chaucer

Glorious Cause, The                             Shaara, Jeff                           8.1          FIC Shaara

Doctor Zhivago                                    Pasternak, Boris                   8.2          FIC Pasternak

Cloudsplitter                                          Banks, Russell                       8.3          FIC Banks

Walk the Dark Streets                          Baer, Edith                             8.3          YA FIC Baer

Mutiny on the Bounty                       Nordhoff, Charles                    8.4          FIC Nordhoff

QB VII                                                     Uris, Leon                              8.4          FIC Uris

Sense and Sensibility                           Austen, Jane                         8.4          FIC Austen

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood     Pyle, Howard                        8.6          YA FIC Pyle

Schindler’s List                                      Keneally, Thomas                 8.6          FIC Keneally

Count of Monte Cristo, The                Dumas, Alexandre               8.8          FIC Dumas

Tender is the Night                              Fitzgerald, F. Scott               8.8          FIC Fitzgerald

Black Arrow, The                                  Stevenson, Robert Louis    9.0          YA FIC Stevenson

Men of Iron                                           Pyle, Howard                        9.0          YA FIC Pyle

Ben-Hur                                                  Wallace, Lew                        9.1          FIC Wallace

Connecticut Yankee in King…            Twain, Mark                          9.2          FIC Twain

Prince and the Pauper, The                Twain, Mark                          9.3          FIC Twain

Uncle Tom’s Cabin                               Stowe, Harriet Beecher      9.3          FIC Stowe

Tale of Two Cities, A                            Dickens, Charles                   9.7          823/FIC Dickens

Les Miserables (unabridged)             Hugo, Victor                          9.8          FIC Hugo

Roughing It                                           Twain, Mark                          9.8          FIC Twain

War and Peace                                     Tolstoy, Leo                          10.1        FIC Tolstoy

Middlemarch                                         Eliot, George                        10.4        FIC Eliot

Pilgrim’s Progress (unabridged)   Bunyan, John                    10.4        REF 800/FIC Bunyan

Billy Budd                                              Melville, Herman                 10.6        FIC Melville

Deerslayer, The                                    Cooper, James Fenimore   11.2        FIC Cooper

Three Musketeers, The                       Dumas, Alexander               11.3        FIC Dumas

Scarlet Letter, The                                Hawthorne, Nathaniel         11.7        FIC Hawthorne

Nicholas Nickleby                                 Dickens, Charles                   11.9        FIC Dickens

Last of the Mohicans, The                  Cooper, James Fenimore   12.0        FIC Cooper

Mansfield Park                                     Austen, Jane                         12.0        FIC Austen

Pride and Prejudice                              Austen, Jane                         12.0        FIC Austen

Ivanhoe                                                  Scott, Sir Walter                   12.9        FIC Scott

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