The AR Love/Romance list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Crossed                                                  Condie, Ally                           4.2          YA FIC Condie

Stargirl                                                   Spinelli, Jerry                        4.2          YA FIC Spinelli

Mistletoe Inn, The                                Evans, Richard Paul             4.3          FIC Evans

Ten                                                          McNeil, Gretchen                4.4          YA FIC McNeil

Acceptable Time, An                           L’Engle, Madeleine              4.5          YA FIC L’Engle

Eclipse                                                    Meyer, Stephenie                4.5          YA FIC Meyer

Host, The                                               Meyer, Stephenie                4.5          YA FIC Meyer

Crown, The                                            Cass, Kiera                             4.7          YA FIC Cass

New Moon                                            Meyer, Stephenie                4.7          YA FIC Meyer

Breaking Dawn                                     Meyer, Stephenie                4.8          YA FIC Meyer

Crescendo                                              Fitzpatrick, Becca                4.8          YA FIC Fitzpatrick

Legend                                                   Lu, Marie                               4.8          YA FIC Lu

Matched                                                Condie, Ally                           4.8          YA FIC Condie

Short Second Life of Bree Tanner      Meyer, Stephenie                4.8          YA FIC Meyer

Joy in the Morning                               Smith, Betty                          4.9          FIC Smith

Twilight                                                  Meyer, Stephenie                4.9          YA FIC Meyer

Finale                                                     Fitzpatrick, Becca                5.0          YA FIC Fitzpatrick

Silence                                                    Fitzpatrick, Becca                5.0          YA FIC Fitzpatrick

Red Queen                                            Aveyard, Victoria                 5.2          YA FIC Aveyard

Shadowfell                                            Marillier, Juliet                     5.3          YA FIC Marillier

Fallen in Love                                        Kate, Lauren                         5.4          YA FIC Kate

Rescue, The                                           Sparks, Nicholas                   5.4          YA FIC Sparks

Fairest Beauty, The                              Dickerson, Melanie             5.5          YA FIC Dickerson

Fault in Our Stars, The                        Green, John                          5.5          YA FIC Green

Scorpio Races, The                               Stiefvater, Maggie               5.5          YA FIC Stiefvater

Captive Maiden, The                           Dickerson, Melanie             5.6          YA FIC Dickerson

Fried Green Tomatoes at the…          Flagg, Fannie                         5.6          FIC Flagg

Midnight Star, The                               Lu, Marie                               5.6          YA FIC Lu

Choice, The                                            Sparks, Nicholas                   5.7          YA FIC Sparks

Wedding, The                                       Sparks, Nicholas                   5.7          YA FIC Sparks

Notebook, The                                      Sparks, Nicholas                   5.8          YA FIC Sparks

Walk to Remember, A                        Sparks, Nicholas                   5.8          YA FIC Sparks

Seventeenth Summer                          Daly, Maureen                     5.9          YA FIC Daly

Farewell to Arms, A                             Hemingway, Ernest             6.0          FIC Hemingway

Late for the Wedding                          Quick, Amanda                     6.0          FIC Quick

Love Comes Softly                                Oke, Janette                          6.0          FIC Oke

Shunning, The                                       Lewis, Beverly                      6.0          FIC Lewis

Clockwork Princess                           Clare, Cassandra                     6.1            YA FIC Clare

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy     Carter, Ally                           6.1           YA FIC Carter

Kirkland Revels                                     Holt, Victoria                         6.1          FIC Holt

When Calls the Heart                          Oke, Janette                          6.1          FIC Oke

Beauty                                                    McKinley, Robin                   6.2          YA FIC McKinley

Christy                                                    Marshall, Catherine            6.2          FIC Marshall

Royal Wedding                                  Cabot, Meg                             6.2             YA FIC Cabot

Betrayal, The                                        Lewis, Beverly                      6.3          FIC Lewis

Unrivaled                                               Noel, Alyson                         6.4          YA FIC Noel

Night Circus, The                               Morgenstern, Erin               6.5          YA FIC Morgenstern

Prince of Shadows                           Caine, Rachel                          6.6           YA FIC Caine

Everlasting                                             Noel, Alyson                         6.7          YA FIC Noel

Prodigal, The                                         Lewis, Beverly                      6.7          FIC Lewis

Postcard, The                                        Lewis, Beverly                      6.8          FIC Lewis

Cold Mountain                                     Frazier, Charles                    6.9          FIC Frazier

Dreamers                                               Hunt, Angela Elwell             7.3          FIC Hunt

Great Gatsby, The                                Fitzgerald, F. Scott               7.3          FIC Fitzgerald

Ethan Frome                                         Wharton, Edith                     7.6          FIC Wharton

Jane Eyre                                                Bronte, Charlotte                 7.9          FIC Bronte

Remains of the Day, The                     Ishiguro, Kazuo                     7.9          FIC Ishiguro

Sense and Sensibility                           Austen, Jane                         8.4          FIC Austen

American Tragedy, An                        Dreiser, Theodore               8.5          FIC Dreiser

Age of Innocence, The                         Wharton, Edith                     8.8          FIC Wharton

Lorna Doone                                         Blackmore, R. D.                  9.2          FIC Blackmore

Emma                                                     Austen, Jane                         9.3          FIC Austen

Anna Karenina                                      Tolstoy, Leo                          9.6          FIC Tolstoy

Return of the Native, The                   Hardy, Thomas                     10.2        FIC Hardy

Wuthering Heights                              Bronte, Emily                        11.3        FIC Bronte

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The        Hugo, Victor                          11.8        FIC Hugo

Pride and Prejudice                              Austen, Jane                         12.0        FIC Austen

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