The AR Sports Stories list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Brave, The                                             Lipsyte, Robert                     4.2          YA FIC Lipsyte pbk

Heart of a Champion                           Deuker, Carl                          4.2          YA FIC Deuker

Contender, The                                     Lipsyte, Robert                     4.5          YA FIC Lipsyte

Night Hoops                                          Deuker, Carl                          4.5          YA FIC Deuker

Warrior Angel                                      Lipsyte, Robert                     4.5          YA FIC Lipsyte pbk

Miracle on 49th Street                          Lupica, Mike                         4.7          YA FIC Lupica

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery         Feinstein, John                     4.8          YA FIC Feinstein

Cover Up: Mystery at the Super…     Feinstein, John                     4.9          YA FIC Feinstein

On the Devil’s Court                            Deuker, Carl                          4.9          YA FIC Deuker

Change-Up: Mystery at the…             Feinstein, John                     5.0          YA FIC Feinstein

Only Game, The                                    Lupica, Mike                         5.0          YA FIC Lupica

Payback Time                                        Deuker, Carl                          5.0          YA FIC Deuker

Brian’s Song                                          Blinn, William                       5.1          812.5 Blinn

Pop                                                         Korman, Gordon                  5.1          YA FIC Korman

Bleachers                                               Grisham, John                      5.2          FIC Grisham

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes              Crutcher, Chris                     5.2          YA FIC Crutcher

Dairy Queen                                          Murdock, Catherine            5.3          YA FIC Murdock

Heat                                                        Lupica, Mike                         5.3          YA FIC Lupica

Homestretch                                          Volponi, Paul                        5.3          YA FIC Volponi

Summer Ball                                         Lupica, Mike                         5.3          YA FIC Lupica

Million-Dollar Throw                           Lupica, Mike                         5.4          YA FIC Lupica

QB 1                                                       Lupica, Mike                         5.4          YA FIC Lupica

Travel Team                                          Lupica, Mike                         5.4          YA FIC Lupica

Fantasy League                                    Lupica, Mike                         5.5          YA FIC Lupica

Ironman                                              Crutcher, Chris                     5.5          YA FIC Crutcher pbk

National Velvet                                     Bagnold, Enid                        5.5          YA FIC Bagnold

Scorpio Races, The                               Stiefvater, Maggie               5.5          YA FIC Stiefvater

Batboy, The                                           Lupica, Mike                         5.7          YA FIC Lupica

Final Four, The                                      Volponi, Paul                        5.8          YA FIC Volponi

Calico Joe                                               Grisham, John                      5.9          FIC Grisham

Whale Talk                                            Crutcher, Chris                     6.1          YA FIC Crutcher

Eagle Blue                                             D’Orso, Michael                   6.2          796.3 D’Orso

Epic                                                         Kostick, Conor                      6.3          YA FIC Kostick

Miracle on the 17th Green                   Patterson, James                  6.3          FIC Patterson

Power of One, The                               Courtenay, Bryce                 6.3          YA FIC Courtenay

Young Razzle                                         Tunis, John r.                        6.3          YA FIC Tunis

City of Gold and Lead, The               Christopher, John                6.5          YA FIC Christopher

Daniel X: Game Over                           Patterson, James                  6.5          YA FIC Patterson

Redhanded                                           Cadnum, Michael                6.5          YA FIC Cadnum

Girl Overboard                                      Headley, Justina Chen        6.6          YA FIC Headley

It’s Not About the Bike                        Armstrong, Lance                6.7          92 Armstrong

Quiet Strength                                      Dungy, Tony                          7.1          92 Dungy

Shattered                                               Francis, Dick                          7.2          FIC Francis

Seabiscuit: An American Legend     Hillenbrand, Laura               7.5          798.4 Hillenbrand

Friday Night Lights                              Bissinger, H. G.                     8.0          796.3 Bissinger

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