The AR Supernatural/Magic/Paranormal list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Red Pyramid, The                                 Collar, Orpheus                    3.6          741.5 Collar

Bonechiller                                             McNamee, Graham             3.8          YA FIC McNamee

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child    Tiffany, John & Jack Thorne 3.9        YA FIC Rowling

Battle of the Labyrinth, The               Riordan, Rick                        4.1          YA FIC Riordan

Paranormalcy                                       White, Kiersten                    4.1          YA FIC White

Dark City, The                                       Fisher, Catherine                 4.2          YA FIC Fisher

Hidden Coronet, The                           Fisher, Catherine                 4.2          YA FIC Fisher

Margrave, The                                      Fisher, Catherine                 4.2          YA FIC Fisher

Thunder and Shadow                          Hunter, Erin                          4.2          YA FIC Hunter

Titan’s Curse, The                                Riordan, Rick                        4.2          YA FIC Riordan

Demigod Files, The                              Riordan, Rick                        4.3          JUV FIC Riordan

Death Weavers                                     Mull, Brandon                      4.4          YA FIC Mull

Fall of Hades                                         Evans, Richard Paul             4.4          YA FIC Evans

I Am Number Four                               Lore, Pittacus                        4.4          YA FIC Lore

Monsters of Otherness, The               Kingsley, Kaza                       4.4          YA FIC Kingsley

Tomb of Shadows, The                        Lerangis, Peter                     4.4          YA FIC Lerangis

Carrier of the Mark                              Fallon, Leigh                         4.5          YA FIC Fallon

Demigod Diaries, The                          Riordan, Rick                        4.5          YA FIC Riordan

Eclipse                                                    Meyer, Stephenie                4.5          YA FIC Meyer

Host, The                                               Meyer, Stephenie                4.5          YA FIC Meyer

Hush, Hush                                            Fitzpatrick, Becca                4.5          YA FIC Fitzpatrick

5th Wave, The                                       Yancey, Rick                          4.6          YA FIC Yancey

Sea of Monsters, The                          Riordan, Rick                        4.6          YA FIC Riordan

Kindling, The                                         Bell, Braden                          4.7          YA FIC Bell

Lightning Thief, The                             Riordan, Rick                        4.7          YA FIC Riordan

New Moon                                            Meyer, Stephenie                4.7          YA FIC Meyer

Quillan Games, The                             MacHale, D. J.                       4.7          YA FIC MacHale

Breaking Dawn                                     Meyer, Stephenie                4.8          YA FIC Meyer

Crescendo                                              Fitzpatrick, Becca                4.8          YA FIC Fitzpatrick

Forgotten Locket, The                         Mangum, Lisa                       4.8          YA FIC Mangum

Going Wild                                            McMann, Lisa                       4.8          JUV FIC McMann

Golden Spiral, The                                Mangum, Lisa                       4.8          YA FIC Mangum

House of Hades, The                           Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Mark of Athena, The                           Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Rise of Nine, The                                  Lore, Pittacus                        4.8          YA FIC Lore

Shadow Kiss                                          Mead, Richelle                     4.8          YA FIC Mead

Short Second Life of Bree Tanner      Meyer, Stephenie                4.8          YA FIC Meyer

Stealing Snow                                       Paige, Danielle                     4.8          YA FIC Paige

Sword of Summer, The                        Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Throne of Fire, The                              Riordan, Rick                        4.8          YA FIC Riordan

Dragon Rider                                         Funke, Cornelia                    4.9          YA FIC Funke

Endless                                                   Brian, Kate                            4.9          YA FIC Brian

Fall of Five, The                                    Lore, Pittacus                        4.9          YA FIC Lore

Fire Keep                                                Savage, J. Scott                     4.9          YA FIC Savage

Shiver                                                     Stiefvater, Maggie               4.9          YA FIC Stiefvater

Sorcerer Heir, The                                Chima, Cinda Williams        4.9          YA FIC Chima

Twilight                                                  Meyer, Stephenie                4.9          YA FIC Meyer

Arctic Incident, The                              Colfer, Eoin                           5.0          YA FIC Colfer

City of Ashes                                         Clare, Cassandra                   5.0          YA FIC Clare

City of Bones                                         Clare, Cassandra                   5.0          YA FIC Clare

Heaven                                                   Adornetto, Alexandra         5.0          YA FIC Adornetto

Kiss, The                                                 Patterson, James                  5.0          YA FIC Patterson

Rise of the Evening Star                      Mull, Brandon                      5.0          YA FIC Mull

Silence                                                    Fitzpatrick, Becca                5.0          YA FIC Fitzpatrick

Wizard Heir, The                                  Chima, Cinda Williams        5.0          YA FIC Chima

Abandon                                               Cabot, Meg                           5.1          YA FIC Cabot

Crimson Crown, The                            Chima, Cinda Williams        5.1          YA FIC Chima

Dawn                                                      Hunter, Erin                          5.1          YA FIC Hunter

Demigods & Magicians                       Riordan, Rick                        5.1          YA FIC Riordan

Exiled Queen, The                                Chima, Cinda Williams        5.1          YA FIC Chima

Graveyard Book, The                           Gaiman, Neil                         5.1          YA FIC Gaiman

Hidden Oracle, The                              Riordan, Rick                        5.1          YA FIC Riordan

Hunter’s Moon, The                             Melling, O. R.                        5.1          YA FIC Melling

Janitors                                                  Whitesides, Tyler                 5.1          YA FIC Whitesides

Journey, The                                          Lasky, Kathryn                      5.1          YA FIC Lasky

Lost Years, The                                     Barron, T. A.                          5.1          YA FIC Barron

Mossflower                                            Jacques, Brian                      5.1          YA FIC Jacques

Blood of Olympus, The                        Riordan, Rick                        5.2          YA FIC Riordan

Curse of the Broomstaff                      Whitesides, Tyler                 5.2          YA FIC Whitesides

Fairy-Tale Detectives, The               Buckley, Michael               5.2      JUV FIC Sisters Grimm

Fearless                                                  Funke, Cornelia                    5.2          YA FIC Funke

Forgotten Sisters, The                         Hale, Shannon                      5.2          YA FIC Hale

Hex Hall                                                 Hawkins, Rachel                   5.2          YA FIC Hawkins

Island of Graves                                    McMann, Lisa                       5.2          YA FIC McMann

Keys to the Demon Prison                  Mull, Brandon                      5.2          YA FIC Mull

Red Queen                                            Aveyard, Victoria                 5.2          YA FIC Aveyard

Risked                                                     Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.2         YA FIC Peterson

Water Keep                                           Savage, J. Scott                     5.2          YA FIC Savage

Book of Three, The                               Alexander, Lloyd                  5.3          YA FIC Alexander

Demon King, The                                  Chima, Cinda Williams        5.3          YA FIC Chima

Fate of Ten, The                                   Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC Lore

Lady Midnight                                      Clare, Cassandra                   5.3          YA FIC Clare

Neverseen                                              Messenger, Shannon          5.3          YA FIC Messenger

Peter and the Shadow Thieves          Barry, Dave & Ridley Pearson 5.3     YA FIC Barry

Power of Six, The                                  Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC     Lore

Secret War, The                                    Myklusch, Matt                    5.3          YA FIC Myklusch

United as One                                       Lore, Pittacus                        5.3          YA FIC Lore

Warrior Heir, The                                 Chima, Cinda Williams        5.3          YA FIC Chima

Yellowfang’s Secret                              Hunter, Erin                          5.3          YA FIC Hunter

Castle of Llyr, The                                 Alexander, Lloyd                  5.4          YA FIC Alexander

Daniel X: Demons and Druids            Patterson, James                  5.4          YA FIC Patterson

Dragon’s Kin                                       McCaffrey, Anne                5.4        YA FIC McCaffrey pbk

Inkdeath                                                Funke, Cornelia                    5.4          YA FIC Funke

Inkheart                                                 Funke, Cornelia                    5.4          YA FIC Funke

Quest Begins, The                                Hunter, Erin                          5.4          YA FIC Hunter

Reckless                                                  Funke, Cornelia                    5.4          YA FIC Funke

Sun Trail, The                                        Hunter, Erin                          5.4          YA FIC Hunter

Tenth Power, The                                 Constable, Kate                    5.4          YA FIC Constable

Dragons of Summer Flame                 Weis, Margaret                    5.5          YA FIC Weis

Fyre                                                         Sage, Angie                           5.5          YA FIC Sage

Gray Wolf Throne, The                        Chima, Cinda Williams        5.5          YA FIC Chima

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Rowling, J. K.                    5.5          YA FIC Rowling

Heroes of the Dustbin                         Whitesides, Tyler                 5.5          YA FIC Whitesides

Maleficent                                             Rudnick, Elizabeth                5.5          YA FIC Rudnick

PathFinder                                             Sage, Angie                           5.5          YA FIC Sage

Awaken                                                  Cabot, Meg                           5.6          YA FIC Cabot

Cybermage                                            Alexander, Alma                   5.6          YA FIC Alexander

Daniel X: Armageddon                        Patterson, James                  5.6          YA FIC Patterson

Eragon                                                   Paolini, Christopher            5.6          YA FIC Paolini

Hunters, The                                         Flanagan, John                     5.6          YA FIC Flanagan

Inkspell                                                   Funke, Cornelia                    5.6          YA FIC Funke

Midnight Star, The                               Lu, Marie                               5.6          YA FIC Lu

Revenge of the Witch                          Delaney, Joseph                   5.6          YA FIC Delaney

Scumble                                                 Law, Ingrid                            5.6          YA FIC Law

Waterless Sea, The                              Constable, Kate                    5.6          YA FIC Constable

Bellmaker, The                                     Jacques, Brian                      5.7          YA FIC Jacques

Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse     Nation, Kaleb                        5.7          YA FIC Nation

Daniel X: Lights Out                             Patterson, James                  5.7          YA FIC Patterson

Hades                                                     Adornetto, Alexandra         5.7          YA FIC Adornetto

Halo                                                        Adornetto, Alexandra         5.7          YA FIC Adornetto

Invaders, The                                        Flanagan, John                     5.7          YA FIC Flanagan

Mariel of Redwall                                 Jacques, Brian                      5.7          YA FIC Jacques

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Pecul…   Riggs, Ransom                       5.7          YA FIC Riggs

Revealed                                                Haddix, Margaret Peterson 5.7         YA FIC Haddix

Revenge of Seven, The                        Lore, Pittacus                        5.7          YA FIC Lore

Slathbog’s Gold                                    Forman, M. L.                       5.7          YA FIC Forman

Cinder                                                     Meyer, Marissa                    5.8          YA FIC Meyer

Darke                                                      Sage, Angie                           5.8          YA FIC Sage

Dragon’s Fire                                        McCaffrey, Anne                  5.8          YA FIC McCaffrey

Grimm Warning, A                              Colfer, Chris                          5.8          YA FIC Colfer

Halt’s Peril                                             Flanagan, John                     5.8          YA FIC Flanagan

Horn of Moran, The                             Forman, M. L.                       5.8          YA FIC Forman

Immortal Rules, The                            Kagawa, Julie                        5.8          YA FIC Kagawa

Moonrise                                               Hunter, Erin                          5.8          YA FIC Hunter

Queste                                                    Sage, Angie                           5.8          YA FIC Sage

SandRider                                              Sage, Angie                           5.8          YA FIC Sage

Scarlet                                                    Meyer, Marissa                    5.8          YA FIC Meyer

Shining, The                                          King, Stephen                       5.8          FIC King pbk

StarChaser                                             Sage, Angie                           5.8          YA FIC Sage

Albrek’s Tomb                                       Forman, M. L.                       5.9          YA FIC Forman

Dangerous Path, A                              Hunter, Erin                          5.9          YA FIC Hunter

Island of the Aunts                              Ibbotson, Eva                        5.9          JUV FIC Ibbotson

Royal Ranger, The                                Flanagan, John                     5.9          YA FIC Flanagan

Syren                                                      Sage, Angie                           5.9          YA FIC Sage

Winter                                                    Meyer, Marissa                    5.9          YA FIC Meyer

Amber and Ashes                                 Weis, Margaret                    6.0          YA FIC Weis

Beauty Sleep                                       Dokey, Cameron                     6.0           YA FIC Dokey pbk

Black Unicorn, The                               Brooks, Terry                        6.0        YA FIC Brooks pbk

Cress                                                       Meyer, Marissa                    6.0          YA FIC Meyer

Dragongirl                                             McCaffrey, Todd                  6.0          YA FIC McCaffrey

Fairest                                                    Meyer, Marissa                    6.0          YA FIC Meyer

Freedom’s Landing                              McCaffrey, Anne                  6.0          YA FIC McCaffrey

Fire Bringer                                            Clement-Davies, David       6.0          YA FIC Clement

Flyte                                                        Sage, Angie                           6.0          YA FIC Sage

Journal of Curious Letters, The          Dashner, James                    6.0          YA FIC Dashner

Long Patrol, The                             Jacques, Brian                         6.0           YA FIC Jacques pbk

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold!        Brooks, Terry                      6.0          YA FIC Brooks pbk

Magyk                                                    Sage, Angie                           6.0          YA FIC Sage

Mistress of Dragons                            Weis, Margaret                    6.0          YA FIC Weis

Rage of the Fallen                                Delaney, Joseph                   6.0          YA FIC Delaney

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Lost…       Flanagan, John                     6.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Roar, The                                               Clayton, Emma                     6.0          YA FIC Clayton

Thinner                                                   King, Stephen                       6.0          FIC King pbk

Thirteenth Child                                   Wrede, Patricia C.                6.0          YA FIC Wrede

Wide-Awake Princess, The                 Baker, E. D.                            6.0          YA FIC Baker

Companions of the Night               Vande Velde, Vivian                6.1            YA FIC Vande pbk

Dark Half, The                                       King, Stephen                       6.1          FIC King

Deep Wizardry                                      Duane, Diane                        6.1          YA FIC Duane

Farthest Shore, The                             Le Guin, Ursula K.                6.1          YA FIC Le Guin

Fear                                                        Hubbard, L. Ron                   6.1          YA FIC Hubbard

Grimalkin the Witch Assassin         Delaney, Joseph                      6.1            YA FIC Delaney

High King, The                                Alexander, Lloyd                     6.1       YA FIC Alexander pbk

Kings of Clonmel, The                          Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Magician, The                                       Scott, Michael                      6.1          YA FIC Scott

Now You See It…                             Vande Velde, Vivian                6.1           YA FIC Vande

Pearls of Lutra                                  Jacques, Brian                         6.1          YA FIC Jacques pbk

Player’s Ruse                                        Bell, Hilari                               6.1           YA FIC Bell

Scorpion Mountain                              Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Shadow Queen, The                            Redwine, C. J.                       6.1          YA FIC Redwine

Shadowcry                                          Burtenshaw, Jenna                 6.1         YA FIC Burtenshaw

Shadowland                                          Noel, Alyson                         6.1          YA FIC Noel

Slaves of Socorro                         Flanagan, John                        6.1             YA FIC Flanagan

Sorcerer of the North, The                  Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Stars Above                                           Meyer, Marissa                    6.1          YA FIC Meyer

Witch Dreams                                  Vande Velde, Vivian                6.1           YA FIC Vande

Wizard’s Castle, The                            Doyle, Debra                     6.1    JUV FIC Circle of Magic

Dinotopia Lost                                      Foster, Alan Dean                6.2          YA FIC Foster

Emperor of Nihon-Ja, The                   Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Empire of Storms                                  Maas, Sarah J.                       6.2          YA FIC Maas

Fire                                                          Cashore, Kristin                    6.2          YA FIC Cashore

Ghostfaces, The                                    Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Rivers of Fire                                         Carman, Patrick                   6.2          YA FIC Carman

Siege of Macindaw, The                     Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Singer of All Songs, The                      Constable, Kate                    6.2          YA FIC Constable

Tournament at Gorlan, The               Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Battle of Hackham Heath, The          Flanagan, John                     6.3          YA FIC Flanagan

Blackwood Farm                                  Rice, Anne                             6.3          YA FIC Rice

Bone Magician, The                             Higgins, F. E.                          6.3          JUV FIC Higgins

Burning Bridge, The                             Flanagan, John                     6.3          YA FIC Flanagan

Darkest Hour, The                                Hunter, Erin                          6.3          YA FIC Hunter

Dragon Avenger                               Knight, E. E.                             6.3               YA FIC Knight

Enchanter’s End Game                        Eddings, David                    6.3        YA FIC Eddings pbk

Eva                                                          Dickinson, Peter                  6.3          YA FIC Dickinson

Feather on the Moon                          Whitney, Phyllis A.              6.3          FIC Whitney

Outcast of Redwall                             Jacques, Brian                         6.3           YA FIC Jacques

Silvertongue                                      Fletcher, Charlie                     6.3              YA FIC Fletcher

Time Travelers, The                             Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.3          YA FIC Buckley

Angel Fire East                                      Brooks, Terry                        6.4          FIC Brooks

Demon in My View                        Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia        6.4          YA FIC Atwater pbk

Hunter                                                Lackey, Mercedes                   6.4             YA FIC Lackey

Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern              McCaffrey, Anne                  6.4          YA FIC McCaffrey

Queen of the Empire                            Davids, Paul                          6.4          JUV FIC Star Wars

All Just Glass                                         Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia    6.5          YA FIC Atwater

Blue Moon                                            Noel, Alyson                         6.5          YA FIC Noel

Danger in the Palace                         Doyle, Debra                     6.5      JUV FIC Circle of Magic

Dark Flame                                            Noel, Alyson                         6.5          YA FIC Noel

Game Over                                            Patterson, James                  6.5          YA FIC Patterson

Mission from Mount Yoda                 Davids, Paul                          6.5          JUV FIC Star Wars

Physik                                                     Sage, Angie                           6.5          YA FIC Sage

Prince of Mist, The                               Ruiz Zafon, Carlos                6.5          YA FIC Ruiz

Stolen Child, The                                  Donohue, Keith                    6.5          YA FIC Keith

Time Quake, The                                  Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.5          YA FIC Buckley

Tin Princess, The                                  Pullman, Philip                    6.5        YA FIC Pullman pbk

Conspiracy of Kings, A                        Turner, Megan Whalen      6.6          YA FIC Turner

Daniel X: Watch the Skies                   Patterson, James                  6.6          YA FIC Patterson

Down the Mysterly River                    Willingham, Bill                6.6          YA FIC Willingham

Hobbit, The                                           Tolkien, J. R. R.                     6.6          YA FIC Tolkien

Ironhand                                             Fletcher, Charlie                     6.6              YA FIC Fletcher

Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box         Taylor, G. P.                          6.6          YA FIC Taylor

Night Star                                              Noel, Alyson                         6.6          YA FIC Noel

Ogre, Ogre                                            Anthony, Piers                     6.6          YA FIC Anthony

Prophets of the Dark Side                  Davids, Paul                          6.6          JUV FIC Star Wars

Tears of the Salamander, The       Dickinson, Peter                      6.6            YA FIC Dickinson

Amber Spyglass, The                           Pullman, Philip                     6.7          YA FIC Pullman

Battle for Skandia, The                       Flanagan, John                     6.7          YA FIC Flanagan

Everlasting                                             Noel, Alyson                         6.7          YA FIC Noel

Ghostfire                                                Golden, Christopher           6.7          YA FIC Golden

Glove of Darth Vader, The                  Davids, Paul                        6.7          JUV FIC Star Wars

Harry Potter and the Chamber of…  Rowling, J. K.                         6.7          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of…   Rowling, J. K.                         6.7          YA FIC Rowling

Loch, The                                                Alten, Steve                             6.7            YA FIC Alten

Masterharper of Pern, The                 McCaffrey, Anne                  6.7          YA FIC McCaffrey

Queen of Attolia, The                          Turner, Megan Whalen      6.7          YA FIC Turner

Sorcery & Cecelia: or The Enchanted… Wrede, Patricia C.           6.7          YA FIC Wrede

Wizard of Earthsea, A                         Le Guin, Ursula K.                6.7          YA FIC Le Guin

Eternal Flame, The                             Barron, T. A.                            6.8          YA FIC Barron

Freedom’s Choice                                 McCaffrey, Anne                  6.8          YA FIC McCaffrey

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  Rowling, J. K.                        6.8          YA FIC Rowling

Icebound Land, The                             Flanagan, John                     6.8          YA FIC Flanagan

Time Thief, The                                     Buckley-Archer, Linda         6.8          YA FIC Buckley

Winter Moon                                        Koontz, Dean                        6.8          FIC Koontz

Dragonquest                                         McCaffrey, Anne                6.9       YA FIC McCaffrey pbk

Harry Potter and the Deathly…         Rowling, J. K.                         6.9          YA FIC Rowling

Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons       Cowell, Cressida               6.9      JUV FIC How to Train

Eldest                                                      Paolini, Christopher            7.0          YA FIC Paolini

Freedom’s Challenge                           McCaffrey, Anne                  7.0          YA FIC McCaffrey

Hero and the Crown, The                McKinley, Robin                     7.0            YA FIC McKinley

Larklight                                                Reeve, Philip                         7.0          YA FIC Reeve

Ruins of Gorlan, The                            Flanagan, John                     7.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Golden Compass, The                         Pullman, Philip                    7.1         YA FIC Pullman pbk

Wurm War                                           Golden, Christopher               7.1            YA FIC Golden

Breathless                                              Koontz, Dean                        7.2          FIC Koontz

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood…    Rowling, J. K.                        7.2          YA FIC Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of…        Rowling, J. K.                        7.2          YA FIC Rowling

Historian, The                                       Kostova, Elizabeth                7.3          FIC Kostova

Nerilka’s Story                                      McCaffrey, Anne                  7.3          YA FIC McCaffrey

Odd Thomas                                          Koontz, Dean                        7.3          FIC Koontz pbk

Warlords of Nin, The                           Lawhead, Stephen R.          7.3          YA FIC Lawhead

Dragondrums                                        McCaffrey, Anne                  7.5          YA FIC McCaffrey

Dragonsdawn                                       McCaffrey, Anne                  7.5          YA FIC McCaffrey

Fear Nothing                                         Koontz, Dean                        7.5          FIC Koontz

Blade of Fire                                       Hill, Stuart                               7.7          YA FIC Hill

Childhood’s End                                   Clarke, Arthur C.                  7.7          FIC Clarke

First Men in the Moon, The                Wells, H. G.                           7.7          FIC Wells

Vale of the Vole                                    Anthony, Piers                     7.7          YA FIC Anthony

Brisingr                                                   Paolini, Christopher            7.8          YA FIC Paolini

Seize the Night                                     Koontz, Dean                        7.8          FIC Koontz

Last Battle of the Icemark                Hill, Stuart                               8.1          YA FIC Hill

Quidditch Through the Ages           Whisp, Kennilworthy              8.2         YA FIC Whisp

Sword of Shannara, The                     Brooks, Terry                        8.7          YA/FIC Brooks

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