The AR War/Military Stories list

This is a list of some of the books we have in our library that have Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and are organized in ascending reading level order. These lists will be updated as occasion warrants.

Stones in Water                                    Napoli, Donna Jo                  4.2          YA FIC Napoli

Fallout                                                    Strasser, Todd                      4.5          YA FIC Strasser

Killer Angels, The                                 Shaara, Michael                   4.7          FIC Shaara

Chains                                                    Anderson, Laurie Halse       5.2          YA FIC Anderson

Leviathan                                              Westerfeld, Scott                 5.3          YA FIC Westerfeld

Behemoth                                              Westerfeld, Scott                 5.4          YA FIC Westerfeld

Dead of the Night, The                        Marsden, John                     5.5          YA FIC Marsden

Ender’s Game                                       Card, Orson Scott                 5.5          YA FIC Card

Soldier X                                                Wulffson, Don                      5.7          YA FIC Wulffson

Stravaganza: City of Swords              Hoffman, Mary                     5.7          YA FIC Hoffman

For Whom the Bell Tolls                      Hemingway, Ernest             5.8          FIC Hemingway

Things they Carried, The                     O’Brien, Tim                          5.8          FIC O’Brien

Town Like Alice, A                                Shute, Nevil                          5.8          FIC Shute

Ender’s Shadow                                   Card, Orson Scott                 5.9          YA FIC Card

All Quiet on the Western Front         Remarque, Erich Maria       6.0          FIC Remarque

Ender in Exile                                        Card, Orson Scott                 6.0          YA FIC Card pbk

Eye of the Needle                                 Follett, Ken                           6.0          FIC Follett

Farewell to Arms, A                             Hemingway, Ernest             6.0          FIC Hemingway

Jacob’s Ladder                                      McCaig, Donald                    6.0          FIC McCaig

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Lost…       Flanagan, John                     6.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Tortilla Flat                                           Steinbeck, John                    6.0          FIC Steinbeck

Without Remorse                                 Clancy, Tom                          6.0          FIC Clancy

Alas, Babylon                                        Frank, Pat                              6.1          FIC Frank

Alicia: My Story                                    Appleman-Jurman, Alicia   6.1          92 Appleman

April Morning                                       Fast, Howard                        6.1          FIC Fast

Kings of Clonmel, The                          Flanagan, John                     6.1          YA FIC Flanagan

Shadow Puppets                                  Card, Orson Scott                 6.1          YA FIC Card

Shoulder the Sky                                  Perry, Anne                           6.1          FIC Perry

Speaker for the Dead                          Card, Orson Scott                 6.1          YA FIC Card

Children of the Mind                           Card, Orson Scott                 6.2          YA FIC Card

Drums Along the Mohawk                 Edmonds, Walter D.            6.2          FIC Edmonds

Siege of Macindaw, The                     Flanagan, John                     6.2          YA FIC Flanagan

Sum of All Fears, The                           Clancy, Tom                          6.2          FIC Clancy

Wedding Dress, The                            Ellis, Virginia                          6.2          FIC Ellis

Across the Lines                                   Reeder, Carolyn                   6.3          JUV FIC Reeder

Burning Bridge, The                             Flanagan, John                     6.3          YA FIC Flanagan

Deep Six                                                 Cussler, Clive                        6.3          FIC Cussler

Hunt for Red October, The                 Clancy, Tom                          6.3          FIC Clancy

Pardonable Lies                                    Winspear, Jacqueline          6.3          FIC Winspear

Power of One, The                               Courtenay, Bryce                 6.3          YA FIC Courtenay

Shadow of the Hegemon                    Card, Orson Scott                 6.3          YA FIC Card

Tomorrow, When the War Began    Marsden, John                    6.3        YA FIC Marsden pbk

Xenocide                                                Card, Orson Scott                 6.3          YA FIC Card pbk

Cannons of the Comstock                   Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.4          FIC Thoene

Code Talker                                           Bruchac, Joseph                   6.4          YA FIC Bruchac

Foundation                                           Asimov, Isaac                        6.4          FIC Asimov

Serpent                                                   Cussler, Clive                        6.4          FIC Cussler

Teeth of the Tiger                                 Clancy, Tom                          6.4          FIC Clancy

Code Name Verity                                Wein, Elizabeth                    6.5          YA FIC Wein

Dawning of Deliverance, The             Pella, Judith                           6.5          FIC Pella

Red Storm Rising                                  Clancy, Tom                          6.5          FIC Clancy

Year of the Grizzly, The                       Thoene, Brock & Bodie       6.5          FIC Thoene

Andromeda Strain, The                       Crichton, Michael                6.6          FIC Crichton

Ghosts of Onyx                                     Nylund, Eric                          6.6          YA FIC Nylund

Winds of War, The                               Wouk, Herman                     6.6          FIC Wouk

Battle for Skandia, The                       Flanagan, John                     6.7          YA FIC Flanagan

Raise the Titanic!                                 Cussler, Clive                        6.7          FIC Cussler pbk

Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary           van der Rol, Ruud                6.8          92 Frank

English Patient, The                             Ondaatje, Michael               6.8          FIC Ondaatje

Cold Mountain                                     Frazier, Charles                    6.9          FIC Frazier

House Divided, A                                  Phillips, M. & J. Pella           6.9          FIC Pella

Becca’s Story                                         Forman, James D.               7.0          YA FIC Forman

Executive Orders                                  Clancy, Tom                          7.0          FIC Clancy

Freedom’s Challenge                           McCaffrey, Anne                  7.0          YA FIC McCaffrey

Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War Gingrich, Newt                    7.0          FIC Gingrich

Gods and Generals                               Shaara, Jeff                           7.0          FIC Shaara

Ruins of Gorlan, The                            Flanagan, John                     7.0          YA FIC Flanagan

Snow Falling on Cedars                       Guterson, David                   7.0          FIC Guterson

Archer’s Tale, The                               Cornwell, Bernard               7.1          FIC Cornwell

Catch-22                                                Heller, Joseph                       7.1          FIC Heller

Dragon                                                   Cussler, Clive                        7.1          FIC Cussler

Gone with the Wind                            Mitchell, Margaret              7.1          FIC Mitchell

Shadow Divers: The True Advent…   Kurson, Robert                     7.1          940.54 Kurson

Song for Summer, A                            Ibbotson, Eva                        7.1          YA FIC Ibbotson

Vagabond                                             Cornwell, Bernard               7.1          FIC Bernard

March, The                                            Doctorow, E. L.                     7.2          FIC Doctorow

Black Hawk Down                                Bowden, Mark                      7.3          967.7 Bowden

Last Full Measure, The                        Shaara, Jeff                           7.3          FIC Shaara

Ice Station Zebra                                  MacLean, Alistair                 7.4          FIC MacLean

Mediterranean Caper, The                 Cussler, Clive                        7.4          FIC Cussler pbk

Roots                                                      Haley, Alex                            7.4          92 Haley

March                                                     Brooks, Geraldine                7.5          FIC Brooks

Rise to Rebellion                                   Shaara, Jeff                           7.5          FIC Shaara

Band of Brothers                                  Ambrose, Stephen E.           7.7          940.54 Ambrose

Greatest Generation Speaks, The     Brokaw, Tom                         7.7          940.54 Brokaw

Halo: Contact Harvest                         Staten, Joseph                      7.7          YA FIC Staten

Unbroken                                               Hillenbrand, Laura               7.7          92 Zamperini

Andersonville                                        Kantor, MacKinlay               7.8          FIC Kantor

Rilla of Ingleside                               Montgomery, L.M.              7.9          YA FIC Montgomery

Astonishing Life of Octavian… vol. 1 Anderson, M. T.                   8.0          FIC Anderson

Red Badge of Courage, The               Crane, Stephen                    8.0          FIC Crane

Scarlet Pimpernel, The                        Orczy, Baroness                   8.0          FIC Orczy

Astonishing Life of Octavian… vol. 2 Anderson, M. T.                   8.1          FIC Anderson

Glorious Cause, The                             Shaara, Jeff                           8.1          FIC Shaara

Last Battle of the Icemark                 Hill, Stuart                               8.1            YA FIC Hill

Doctor Zhivago                                    Pasternak, Boris                   8.2          FIC Pasternak

Flood, The                                              Dietz, William C.                   8.2          YA FIC Dietz pbk

Cloudsplitter                                          Banks, Russell                       8.3          FIC Banks

In Harm’s Way: The Sinking of the… Stanton, Doug                      8.3          940.54 Stanton

Left for Dead: A Young…                    Nelson, Pete                         8.3          940.5 Nelson

Flags of Our Fathers                            Bradley, James                      8.4          940.54 Bradley

Killing Lincoln: The Shocking…           O’Reilly, Bill                           8.4          973.7 O’Reilly

War and Remembrance                      Wouk, Herman                     8.4          FIC Wouk

War Between Brothers                        Time-Life Books                    8.5          REF 973.3 War

Greatest Generation, The                   Brokaw, Tom                         8.6          940.5 Brokaw

Schindler’s List                                      Keneally, Thomas                 8.6          FIC Keneally

Behind Barbed Wire                            Davis, Daniel S.                     8.7          940.54 Davis

D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic… Ambrose, Stephen E.           8.7          940.54 Ambrose

Portraits of War: Civil War Photo…  Sullivan, George                   8.7          973.7 Sullivan

Tell Them We Remember: The…       Bachrach, Susan D.              8.7          940.53 Bachrach

Count of Monte Cristo, The                Dumas, Alexandre               8.8          FIC Dumas

Last Stand, The                                     Philbrick, Nathaniel             8.9          973.82   Philbrick

Black Arrow, The                                  Stevenson, Robert Louis    9.0          YA FIC Stevenson

1776                                                       McCullough, David              9.1          973.3 McCullough

Ghost Soldiers                                       Sides, Hampton                    9.1          940.54 Sides

Josef Mengele                                       Grabowski, John F.              9.1          92 Mengele

War to End All Wars, The                   Freedman, Russell               9.1          940.3 Freedman

Life and Death of Adolph Hitler, The Giblin, James Cross            9.2          92 Hitler

SSN                                                         Clancy, Tom                          9.3          FIC Clancy pbk

Revolutionaries, The                            Time-Life Books                    9.4          REF 973.3 Revol.

Washington’s Crossing                       Fischer, David Hackett        9.4          973.3 Fischer

Chemical and Biological Warfare…   Pringle, Laurence                9.5          358 Pringle

Navajo Code Talkers                            Aaseng, Nathan                    9.5          940.54 Aaseng

Every Man a Tiger                                Clancy, Tom                          9.7          956.7 Clancy

Tale of Two Cities, A                            Dickens, Charles                   9.7          823/FIC Dickens

Defiant Chiefs                                       Time-Life Books                    9.8          REF 973.3 Defiant

Les Miserables  (unabridged)            Hugo, Victor                          9.8          FIC Hugo

D-Day: The Greatest Invasion            van der Vat, Dan                  9.9          940.5 Van

War and Peace                                     Tolstoy, Leo                          10.1        FIC Tolstoy

Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour of…     Clancy, Tom                          11.0        358.4 Clancy

Grant                                                      Smith, Jean Edward             11.0        92 Grant

Iliad, The                                                Homer                                    11.3        883 Homer

Three Musketeers, The                       Dumas, Alexander               11.3        FIC Dumas

Ghost Wars: The Secret History…      Coll, Steve                             11.8        958.1 Coll

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