Summer Programs


The summer bookmobile is a great way to keep your children learning through the summer. Look for the bookmobile on Wednesdays between June 10, 2020 and August 12, 2020 in:

  • Plano (10:00 AM – 11:30 AM)
  • Newdale (12:30 PM – 2:00 PM)

Please call us if you have any questions (208-356-0271).

Summer Reading 2019: 

All Ages (June – August ) There will be programs for kids, youth (junior high and high school students), and adults. Sign up with us beginning Monday, June 8th and start earning some great prizes! (The last day to collect and spend book bucks on summer reading prizes will be Thursday, August 13th.)

Preschool Story Hour  – Tuesdays at 11:00 A.M. — June 9 – July 21  — Come join the fun as we read books, do crafts and/or activities, and enjoy a treat!

Summer Kids’ Club – Ages 6-12 Years – Tuesdays at 11:00 A.M. — June 9 – July 21 — Check out our fun kid’s program where each week we will explore different topics, have hands-on activities, and end with a treat!

Summer Reading Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the summer reading program run? Registration begins Monday, June 8th and the program ends Friday, August 7th.

Can I sign up early for the reading program? Unfortunately, no. The week between school getting out and the start of the reading program is used to decorate and set up for the reading program. You are still welcome to come in and check out books, but registration for the reading program will begin on June 8th.

If I sign up on Monday, can I get my first book bucks on Friday? Goals are meant to be made for the entire week. Therefore, we will start handing out coupons and book bucks on Monday, June 15th. The last day to collect coupons and book bucks is Thursday, August 13th, which is also the last day you will be able to spend your bucks on summer reading prizes.

What if I forget to bring my tracking paper with me to the library? Can I still collect my rewards?  Unfortunately, no. In the past we haven’t required it, but beginning this year you must have your tracking sheet with you in order to claim your coupons and book bucks. We need to see your tracking sheet to verify that you’ve met your goal and then we will stamp your tracking sheet each week. This also ensures that rewards aren’t accidentally handed out twice for any given week.

Can teens and adults also get book bucks? Or is that just for younger kids? We will have weekly gift basket drawings available for teens and adults to enter, but you are more than welcome to choose book bucks instead of entering the weekly drawing.

Can I get all my prizes at once if I meet all my goals early? No. The purpose of the reading program is to encourage kids to read all summer so they retain (or improve) their reading skills. Therefore, goals are set weekly, and they are rewarded weekly.

What if I go on vacation? Do I still get prizes for the week(s) I’m gone? Each week there are certain coupons available, which are only available for those weeks. Book bucks will still be available to pick up when you get back, as long as goals are met, but the coupons you miss won’t be. There are times when there are coupons left over, and during the last week of the reading program, you may be given the opportunity to choose among those leftover coupons.

Can I participate in the reading program through the bookmobile? Or do I need to come into the library? You definitely can participate through the bookmobile. You can collect your weekly coupons and book bucks from the bookmobile. However, because there are so many different prizes that can be purchased using book bucks, we ask that you come into the library to spend your bucks. Be sure to bring your tracking sheet with you to the bookmobile so that it can be stamped and recorded each week.

When does the reading program end? Friday, August 7th is the last day to meet your goals. You will have until Thursday, August 13th to collect and spend your book bucks.

If I don’t spend my book bucks this year, can I save them for next year? We encourage you to spend your book bucks this year, which is why we will have prizes available until Thursday, August 13th. Any unspent book bucks cannot be used the next year. If you can’t make it in by the 13th, we will have some candy available to spend your bucks on until Friday, August 28th. After that time, the book bucks cannot be redeemed for prizes.

What coupons will be available this year? Our sponsors differ from year to year, but we have some amazing ones lined up for this year. A list of the sponsors is on the back of your tracking sheets. Please remember when you use the coupons to thank those sponsors. We want them to know how very grateful we are for their generosity!